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The fashion world is more competitive than ever, whether you’re selling boutique or discount clothing.

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That’s why, to stand out in the marketplace and get noticed by customers, you need a strong online presence and smart SEO. A clothing SEO company can help you take advantage of search engine traffic to build interest in the clothing you sell.

How Shoppers Use Search

Think about this: When someone searches online for terms such as “sleeveless black dress”, “cotton joggers for men” or “newborn baby clothes”, he or she is most likely to click one of the first three results. The odds that your website will come up for search terms relevant to what you sell increase dramatically when you implement strategic clothing SEO services.

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The Importance of On-Site and Off-Site Optimization

On-site optimization makes up about 25 percent of SEO and includes everything on your site, from keyword-optimized product descriptions to clothing categories to responsive website design. The other 75 percent comes from the quality and quantity of links pointing back to your site. In order to create the kind of clothing website of the quality to draw traffic and valuable enough to encourage links, you need a strategic SEO plan from a professional clothing SEO agency.

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Common Mistakes Clothing Brands Make in SEO

If you’re like a lot of retailers, you probably have a website — but you could still be missing opportunities to maximize its potential. Do any of the following sound familiar?

  • Short or non-existent product descriptions: Every item you sell needs its own page on your website, complete with descriptive text that includes relevant keywords. Your clothing SEO firm can help you determine what words or phrases are the most important to target.
  • Copying and pasting product descriptions: Another way retailers fail to make the most of SEO is by using product descriptions from manufacturers verbatim. This unoriginal content is a big no-no in SEO. It tells search engines that you are not worth including in search results because you are not producing unique, valuable information.
  • No product reviews: When a prospect is trying to decide whether or not to pull the trigger on a purchase, it’s very helpful to see reviews. More than that, search engines value sites with product reviews because of their original content, regular updates and value to visitors. You want to make it possible for customers to leave feedback on their clothing purchases in order to lend credibility to what you sell.
  • A hard-to-use site: Search engines are all about usability. They want to send searchers to resources that can answer visitors’ questions and meet their needs. For this reason, the usability of your site is important for more than your visitors — it’s also important for online authority. A clothing SEO agency can help you build the kind of site that appeals to both shoppers and search engines.

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