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Through good lawyer SEO services, lawyers can become more visible in search results to help reach prospects who are searching for the legal support you provide.

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The Unique Challenges in Today’s Law Industry

You could be a skilled attorney with exceptional legal services, but you won’t succeed if nobody knows about you. Not only do many people use search engines when looking for legal support, but the online world is increasingly competitive, too. Just as much as you want to rank highly for specific terms, so does your competition. If prospects find another firm (instead of yours) when looking for legal help, you lose business. While general SEO can help any business, including law firms, you need a professional lawyer SEO agency that understands the rules and regulations dictating how lawyers should represent themselves online.

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How SEO Can Boost Your Legal Business

Any lawyer looking to attract more clients and cases can benefit from SEO. A professional lawyer SEO company uses both on-site and off-site optimization to boost your search results and help your prospects find you. Some of the best lawyer SEO services an agency may use include:

  • Keyword research: A lawyer SEO firm can help you determine which keywords have the most potential for attracting prospects who are ready to contact you. You want to focus on phrases that most people are typing into search engines when they want what you offer. These might include services you provide, variations of specific keywords related to your practice area, terms your competition is targeting and/or low-competition terms that can yield good returns.
  • Localization: If your law practice is like most, you focus your work in specific geographic areas. To make sure your firm shows in local search results, you need clearly designated contact information that lists your firm name, address and phone number. Likewise, you’ll likely want to target cities and/or areas in which you provide legal support.
  • Optimized content: Search engines know your site only by the terms used in its content. This is why creating pages for each of your specialties and geographic practice areas is so important. A lawyer SEO company can help you strategize to build well-organized content understandable by search engines.
  • Link building: As important as on-site optimization is when it comes to the legal industry, it accounts for about 25 percent of SEO performance. The remaining 75 percent is tied to the quantity and quality of the sites that are pointing back to yours with links. To build more links, a lawyer SEO agency will use research-based strategies such as guest posting elsewhere online — all the while keeping in mind the unique guidelines that apply to publishing legal advice.

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