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To build a profitable property management company, you need two things: (1) interested tenants/clients, and (2) the services/properties they need. As you focus on taking care of current customers, you also need to have a steady stream of potential leads for additional properties and tenants to fill vacancies.

That comes through SEO. A well-devised SEO plan, implemented with the help of a skilled property management SEO agency, will draw organic traffic from people who need the services you provide.With consistency and the right analytics, your property management website can rank well, increase the number of leads, and attract organic, targeted traffic.

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Increase Organic Reach With Strategic SEO Tactics

Building an effective property management SEO strategy won’t happen overnight. It takes time, work and proven analytics to ensure that your site ranks well. Several key factors will work together to improve your site’s rank, and all need consideration as you’re building your strategy.

Make It Local

Whether you’re looking for tenants, or new property owners looking for property management services, local search remains a key factor to your SEO success. The nature of property management work is highly local, so your SEO efforts need to be as well. To target local search, you will need to:

  • Incorporate local keywords
  • Add your company to Google My Business
  • List your business in local directories
  • Ensure all local citations are consistent with the same business name, address and phone number

By building these local citations and incorporating local keywords into your website’s design and content, you’ll clearly tell the search engines the geographic location(s) you wish to target.

Link Effectively

Think of search engine results like a tech-savvy popularity contest. The search engines want to see that others find your site helpful and relevant, and they do so through analyzing links. Inbound links pointing from authoritative industry-related websites to your website will help boost your rank. Partnering with a property management SEO company will help you analyze your link profile and build effective links.

Add Fresh Content

The content on your site helps your SEO in two ways. First, it gives search engines something to crawl — pages containing your local keywords. Second, it provides link opportunities — if the content is helpful and authoritative. Build solid content on your website, and consider adding a blog with relevant property management and/or rental information that you can update regularly.

Structure the Site Properly

In order for search engines to crawl a website, it needs to be properly structured. Work with a property management SEO firm to analyze the site’s structure and ensure all aspects are working toward your SEO goals. Don’t forget to make your site mobile-friendly, which search engines take into consideration when ranking sites. A mobile-friendly site will reach more prospective clients and tenants, too.

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