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There are homeowners and businesses in your community looking for the landscaping services you provide, but will they find you when they search online?

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In order to be the landscaping company that prospects pick, you need search engine optimization (SEO), a method of strategizing to rank higher in search results. Through quality landscaping SEO services, your business can strengthen its brand, increase its online traffic and generate new leads.

Standing Out in a Competitive Field

Nobody has to tell you that landscaping is competitive. When potential leads look online, they find a plethora of options for landscaping services. Often times, they’ll simply go with the option that appears first. That’s why, to grow your business, you not only need a way to distinguish your business services from the competition, but you also need a way to rank higher in search results.

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The Value of Working With a Landscaping SEO Company

Trying to manage SEO solo is where a lot of landscapers get stuck. If you want to achieve the greatest ROI, it makes sense to work with a professional landscaping SEO agency that specializes in the process. A landscaping SEO firm will be able to research the best keywords for your content, design a content marketing plan for boosting traffic, and more. Likewise, it will understand the landscaping industry and how a local focus matters in terms of reaching local clients.

Based on its understanding of the market, what kinds of landscaping SEO services might an agency use? Here are some examples.

  • Investigation of the competition: A professional landscaping SEO company can determine which competitors are outranking you, analyze search terms and search volumes to help you understand the market.
  • Relevant keyword analysis: Before you can write keyword-optimized content, you need to know what keywords to target. A landscaping SEO agency can figure out what your prospects are typing into search engines when they look for the services you provide.
  • Content creation: Based on optimal keywords, a company can create a content plan for building website content that targets those words and phrases. 
  • Localization: A local focus is important when the majority of your business is in your city, so it’s vital to get your landscaping company listed in Google My Business. This way, when users search for “landscaper near me” or something similar, you show in results.
  • Link-building strategies: While roughly 25 percent of SEO involves on-site elements like site structure and content, the other 75 percent is in off-site — the quality and quantity of links pointing back to your site.
  • Monitoring and tracking: To know if your SEO efforts are paying off, the SEO agency can monitor keyword rankings, organic traffic and leads, while also keeping tabs on your top competitors. Over time, strategies can be tweaked to improve results.

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