SEO for Restaurants

Imagine you’re a visitor to your town, looking for a place to eat — wouldn’t you search online for restaurants? Or picture yourself as a local wanting more information about the cool restaurants in town — wouldn’t you turn to the Internet?

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More and more diners are finding their restaurant recommendations online — especially on the go — so today’s restaurants can’t afford not to market there.

With that in mind, search engine optimization (SEO) is all about improving rankings in search results so people can find you when they’re trying to figure out where to go for a meal. When you work with a restaurant SEO company, you can strategize to increase online exposure and, by extension, customers.

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What Makes Restaurant SEO Services Different?

All kinds of businesses need SEO services, but restaurants in particular because of the nature of the industry. Customers look online for information, both from home and when traveling. In order to reach these customers, restaurants need strategic support from a restaurant SEO firm that understands what sets this industry apart.

  • The necessity of mobile. Responsive websites (i.e., websites that work seamlessly across various devices) are a necessity for restaurants because of how frequently would-be diners search for information on their phones. When someone in your area hunts for “restaurants near me”, you want them to be able to find you.
  • Search engine local search and map results. When someone looks for a restaurant near his or her current location, the Google will return restaurants with completed Google My Business profiles as the first set of results.
  • Relevant information. Searchers typically want to know a few key details about a restaurant beyond its ratings and appeal — such as location, hours and menu. To optimize your value online, your website needs to display this information clearly. Likewise, the menu needs to be readable by search engines (i.e., in HTML format, which can be accompanied by a PDF). This way, all of its text becomes indexable and therefore has potential value in search.

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On-Site and Off-Site Restaurant SEO

While approximately 25 percent of SEO is related to on-site elements such as site structure, content creation, structured data, etc., the other 75 percent is about off-site elements — which relate to two key questions:

  • What sites are linking to your restaurant website?
  • How reputable are those sites?

When determining placement of information, search engines look closely at the quantity and quality of links pointing to your site. This is why a professional restaurant SEO agency will include strategic link-building campaigns that increase your authority online.

Are you interested in improving your online presence as a restaurant? Would you like support in building more and better links back to your restaurant’s site?

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