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If you want prospective customers to find your cleaning services, you have to reach them right when they need you — at that precise moment when they’re searching online for “house cleaning in (your city)” or “(your city) office cleaning.”

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Most online searchers will click one of the first three results — and never look beyond that. This is why it’s so important to move higher in search results for better exposure.

A professional cleaning SEO company specializes in helping you gain authority and higher rankings online. Through strategic, targeted marketing strategies, it moves you higher in relevant search results so that more prospects come to your website and contact you for service.

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Common Mistakes in Cleaning SEO Services

If you’re like a lot of companies in the cleaning industry, you already know SEO is important — but you might be making some common mistakes. Here are some of the ways cleaners can miss using SEO to the fullest.

  • Talking about all of your services on one page. If your company specializes in several types of cleaning, you’ll want prospects to be able to find information on each of those specialties. If all services are buried on a single webpage, they’ll be much harder to get ranked well. Give each specialty a subpage underneath your main Services page.
  • Targeting generic keywords. Sure, you’re a cleaning company, but ranking high for “cleaning” is going to be much harder than ranking high for “cleaning services in (your city),” for example. Instead of targeting broad terms with a lot of competition, you need to find what are called long-tail phrases — longer, more specific phrases that have less competition and are more focused on what you do.
  • Not emphasizing your location. When someone searches for cleaning services in your city, the only way your company can show in results is if it’s clearly communicating your location. Google, for example, relies on Local Search to pull mapped results for searchers. If your location isn’t emphasized on your site, you could lose business.
  • Ignoring link building. While 25 percent of SEO is on-site optimization (website structure, keyword optimization, quality content, etc.), the other 75 percent is about off-site optimization (essentially the quality and quantity of links pointing back to your site). Even the best website design in the world won’t matter if search engines don’t think you’re an authoritative, reputable site — so you need a strong link-building program to increase credibility. Part of this involves creating the kind of valuable, relevant content that encourages other sites to naturally link back to you.
  • Not getting help. A professional cleaning SEO firm takes the guesswork out of building online traffic. Instead of having to figure out everything yourself, you get the expertise of marketers who do this every day. In that case, why wouldn’t you partner with a team that can strategize about content, research keywords, and give you a strong ROI?

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