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People searching for carpet cleaning services want to quickly find an affordable and trustworthy carpet cleaning company so they can book service.

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With numerous companies offering carpet cleaning services in your metro area, carpet cleaning SEO is essential to ensuring yours is the company they find and call.

Through the power of local SEO for carpet cleaning companies, you’ll be able to ensure your company is the first one they find when they search for local carpet cleaners. Improving your site’s visibility will increase the number and quality of your leads, improving your bottom line and overall business success.

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Proven SEO Strategies for Carpet Cleaning Companies

The nature of carpet cleaning businesses is highly local. As such, your carpet cleaning SEO strategy needs to embrace local SEO tactics. Some proven ways to improve your local, organic reach include:

1. Optimize the Site for Mobile
Website structure is one factor the search engines consider when ranking sites, and sites that are mobile-friendly are rewarded with higher rankings. This will also help your bottom line — you will be reaching more customers who are searching at the moment they want to make an appointment for carpet cleaning.

2. Focus on Local Search Terms
Keywords are a fundamental part of SEO for carpet cleaning companies, so local search terms that include your geographic area are going to be critical. Local search terms must be worked into your content, headers and title tags to improve your SEO. Work with a carpet cleaning SEO company to create a keyword strategy that embraces local search.

3. Build the Right Inbound Links
Links to your site from other sites show the search engines that your website is valuable and trusted. Inbound links, also known as backlinks, need to come from authoritative sites. In the case of carpet cleaning companies, they also need to come from sites that are local, when possible. Some places to look for backlinks include:

  • Local business directories
  • Local chamber of commerce
  • Local parenting organizations and clubs
  • Homeowners and condo owner associations

Your carpet cleaning SEO firm will help you study and improve your backlink profile to help show strong authority to the search engines.

4. Optimize Business Listings
Business listings, such as your Google My Business page or business listings on Yelp and similar sites, are helpful in three ways: They provide another backlink opportunity, they show the local market you’re targeting for SEO and they provide another outlet for customers to find your contact information. Work with your carpet cleaning SEO agency to find and optimize these business listings to target local search.

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