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Sports and athletics companies and organizations encompass a wide cross section of business models, with widely varying Internet marketing goals.

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When selecting a sports and athletics SEO company, it’s important to focus your search on companies with experience and proven results in your particular area of SEO. You will be looking for a sports and athletics SEO agency with expertise in one or more of these areas:

  • E-commerce SEO. Selling athletic equipment, clothing or other sports-related items online? If so, you’ll need a very sophisticated campaign with a rock-solid strategy — almost every e-commerce company relies on organic search traffic for a substantial percentage of revenue. Like local SEO, e-commerce campaigns are specialized and involve techniques somewhat different from those used in lead generation campaigns.
  • Lead generation SEO. Sports equipment and gear manufacturers/wholesalers develop SEO campaigns to generate sales leads. Whereas local SEO and e-commerce SEO usually target consumers, lead generation SEO in sports and athletics typically targets business buyers and influencers. A sports and athletics SEO company skilled in lead generation will have copywriters familiar with B2B writing style — very important for creating on-site and off-site SEO content that not only builds links and optimizes your keywords, but also makes a favorable impression on business prospects who read it.
  • Local SEO. If you are a sports team looking to attract more game attendees and season ticketholders from a local or regional geography, local SEO will be the cornerstone of your campaign. Local SEO techniques are somewhat complicated and different from techniques emphasized in national SEO campaigns. You’ll definitely want a sports and athletics SEO firm with strong expertise in local optimization.

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Key Elements of a Sports and Athletics SEO Campaign

There are many types of work that go into an SEO campaign. The amount of attention needed in each area depends on your website’s starting point. Some websites need a lot of fine-tuning and content creation, while others need to acquire a great many backlinks or an entirely new keyword strategy. Your sports and athletics SEO agency will attend to these issues for campaign setup and/or throughout your campaign.

  • Keyword research — Identifying the best group of target keywords based on search volume, competitiveness, user intent and your budget.
  • Website optimization — Making or recommending changes to enhance Google’s ability to crawl your site. Strong SEO websites are mobile-friendly, easy to navigate, fast loading, and free of technical issues that detract from SEO.
  • Content-keyword alignment — Creating or modifying website pages so that specific pages are dedicated to each of your primary target keywords. This ensures that when search engine users are looking for what you are selling, the right page of website content is what they see in the SERP (search engine results page).
  • Link building — Creating links back to your website from relevant, high-authority websites and blogs. Your link profile is an extremely important ranking factor for Google. Most SEO campaigns devote a great deal of time to this area.
  • Reviews and citations — For local SEO campaigns in particular, it is important to cultivate positive customer reviews, as well as obtain citations from relevant websites. This work must adhere to SEO industry and review site best practices.

Google processes billions of searches every day, and many of them have local intent, buying intent — or both. Sports and athletic firms in every niche can tap into this enormous — and growing — market with the right SEO campaign.

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