Header Check Tool

For HTTP Status Codes

Our handy header check tool allows you to quickly see the status codes and redirects your web server is returning for any given URL. Unlike other tools, ours displays multiple redirects, not just the first one. To use, enter your domain name or web page URL in the field below and click the HEADER CHECK button.

Common Status Codes

  • 200 — The standard response for a successful request
  • 301 — The request should be permanently redirected to this new URL
  • 302 — The request should be temporarily directed to this new URL
  • 403 — The user does not have permission to request this URL
  • 404 — The server cannot find a match for the requested URL
  • 500 — The server encountered an unspecified error.

For more information on the various HTTP status codes and what they mean, the full list of status code definitions can be found here.

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