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Today's auto mechanics are facing an increasingly competitive market. In order to get customers in the shop, they must be able to provide competitive pricing — and this requires finding the best resources for parts. The Internet is becoming the shopping location of choice for busy mechanics, and as an auto parts manufacturer or dealer, you need a site people can find.

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This is where an auto parts SEO company can help. Through SEO, your site can be the one that mechanics see when they’re searching for the parts you sell, and this will generate more online traffic, more online sales and even more foot traffic to your storefront location.

Why do you need to focus on auto parts SEO services? Here are some reasons.

  • Mechanics are already using the Internet to find parts, so you need your site to be visible.
  • Mechanics shopping locally will use the search engines to find the best prices and most convenient locations — you need it to be your store.
  • Becoming visible online allows you to reach non-local traffic as well as local traffic, expanding your customer base.
  • SEO is a proven, effective way for auto parts retailers to generate more traffic to their websites and more sales for their companies.

Local SEO for Auto Parts Retailers

For auto parts dealers and retailers, local SEO strategies are critical, as they draw local mechanics to your store. Here are some key components of an effective local SEO campaign.

Search-Friendly, User-Friendly Website Structure

Today’s mechanic is increasingly likely to search for parts on his phone as opposed to a desktop. Google and the other search engines understand this, and thus they reward sites for structures that are logical and mobile-friendly. An easy-to-navigate and mobile-friendly site structure also benefits your sales. When a mechanic lands on your site, no matter the device, and can easily navigate to the needed part(s), you are more likely to get the sale. This reduces your bounce rate (the speed at which website visitors click away from your site), which further improves your SEO ranking.

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Customer Reviews

Positive reviews from customers on your Google My Business page play an important role in your page’s ability to show in the local results pack. Also, positive reviews on your company’s pages on Yelp, Facebook and other review sites can positively improve your search engine rankings. Make sure you are encouraging your customers to leave positive reviews. An auto parts SEO firm can help you build a strategy to generate more customer reviews.

Quality Inbound Links

Building links to your site from other quality automotive websites (backlinks) will boost your SEO efforts. Links from local business and association websites are especially valuable if your store has a brick-and-mortar location. Your auto parts SEO strategy needs to proactively look to build backlinks. Places you can work to earn inbound links include:

  • Join your local chamber of commerce and get a listing on their website.
  • Request to guest post on automotive blogs.
  • Find topics in automotive forums, and link back to content on your website that is relevant and helpful.

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