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Is your architectural firm’s website just a pretty online brochure, or is it consistently generating top-quality leads for your business? If you’re not seeing results from your site, it’s time to consider investing in architecture SEO services to get your website working for you.

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SEO stands for search engine optimization — the process of making your architecture website attractive to Google and other search engines so your prospects can easily find you online.

Why is this so important? Let’s look at the numbers: More than seven out of 10 people who search online never get past the first page of search results. The top five sites attract nearly 95 percent of first-page traffic. So, strong search engine placement is vital if you want to beat your competition to the prospects who are actively looking for your architecture services online.

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SEO for Architects

Here are just a few of the top techniques an architecture SEO firm will use to get your site to the top of search engine results:

Choose the Right Keywords

Keywords are the words and phrases people type into a search engine when they are looking for an architect. Woven strategically into your website’s copy and meta descriptions, keywords help the search engine direct appropriate visitors to your site. It’s important to choose your keywords wisely so that you attract optimal buyers to your site. For instance, most architecture firms benefit from optimizing for local and/or regional search, using keywords such as “[city] architect.” On the other hand, an architect who does business all over the country would require a different approach.

A good architecture SEO company will thoroughly research your business, your target audience and your competition — as well as the keywords to find ones that will attract the right traffic cost-effectively.

A few of the websites that have published our content:

Publish Content Often

Google loves fresh content, and rewards sites that frequently update the information they offer with higher rankings. Blogging is one of the easiest ways to add new content to your website. Many architects make the mistake of photo blogging exclusively. While it’s important to feature excellent photos of your best projects, search engines rely primarily on text. Your blog posts should include:

  • At least 400 words of keyword-optimized text
  • Keyword-optimized meta tags on the photos you post

In addition to your blog articles, you’ll want to add enough optimized content to your web pages to improve your SEO rankings — including optimized title and meta description tags for each page.

Build Backlinks

The most powerful thing you can do to improve your architectural firm SEO is backlink creation. Getting quality backlinks — links to your site from elsewhere online — accounts for the majority of SEO success, once the initial optimization of your site has been completed. Some of the backlink strategies an architecture SEO agency will use to boost your rankings include:

  • Developing and marketing content assets (such as white papers, videos and infographics)
  • Online business profiles
  • Guest posting on relevant blogs
  • Local and industry directory submissions

SEO for architectural firms does require expertise and consistent action. But done right, it is one of the most powerful and cost-effective ways to generate a consistent stream of high-quality leads to your architecture practice.

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