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When looking for dentists, people often turn to search engines.

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When they type in terms like “dentist (your city)”, will they find you at the top?

If the answer is no, you’re missing out on a golden opportunity to generate leads. Those patients who could have called your office are going to find other area dentists instead.

That’s why search engine optimization (SEO) matters. By becoming the dental practice at the top of local search results, you could see a tangible increase in your patient numbers — talk about something to smile about!

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Strategies a Dental SEO Company May Use

SEO is the business of optimizing content and building online authority in order to increase traffic and customers. Through professional dental SEO services, your practice’s website can rank higher in search results to attract more visitors and increase leads.

Strategies a dental SEO agency may use to help your office include:

  • Keyword research: Writing content is good, but producing content targeted at specific keywords used by your target audience is better. A professional dental SEO firm will be able to research the market and know what terms are worthwhile, helping your webpages and blog content work toward tangible goals.
  • Content creation: For the best search results, each page of your website needs to focus on a particular set of targeted keywords — which means targeting every city in your area with an “areas we serve” page isn’t as useful as you might think. Instead, you’ll want individual pages geared toward specific towns, services, treatments, etc.
  • Responsive website design: If your website works well on desktop computers but is lackluster on mobile devices, you’re losing opportunities. Not only do customers often search on the go, but search engines value sites that optimize for multiple devices. In order to attain optimum SEO, you need responsive design that works across viewing devices.
  • Link building: While about 25 percent of SEO relates to on-site optimization in website design, content creation, keywords, etc., the other 75 percent pertains to off-site efforts. More specifically, you need reputable, authoritative sites pointing back to yours in order for search engines to deem your content useful. This is where link-building strategies come into play, through guest posting and other strategies that attract links to your site.

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Benefits of Working With a Dental SEO Company 

Working with a professional dental SEO firm means gaining the support of experienced experts in the field. SEO professionals are on top of changes to search engine algorithms and understand how they impact SEO strategy. They also understand the dental field and what is most important for attracting new patients. When you want to achieve the best ROI, it makes sense to enlist that support.

Some benefits of working with a professional dental SEO agency include:

  • Awareness of algorithm changes
  • Improved content
  • Better website user experience
  • Increased traffic
  • Increased conversions
  • Better ROI

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