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The telecommunications industry is one of the most competitive industries. Finding marketing channels that are both highly effective and cost efficient is therefore critical to keep your telecom company ahead of the competition.

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SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of positioning your website to rank high on Google and other search engines for the exact keywords your ideal customers use to search for your services. Investing in telecom SEO services is one of the smartest things you can do to achieve a long-term, market-dominating position online.

We all know the Internet is now, by far, the primary way people look for service providers. But did you know just how much of that traffic goes to the top search listings? On average, the company in the top position for a search gets 33 percent of the clicks — which puts them in a killer position for generating the lion’s share of the business. Over time, a good telecom SEO company can get you at or near the top of the search rankings for a whole suite of your best keywords — effortlessly bringing a continuous stream of new customers to your telecommunications business month after month.

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Telecommunications SEO Basics

SEO is a highly strategic practice that requires expert know-how and creative expertise to deliver optimal results. The basic concepts are not difficult to learn. Here is a brief overview of the services a telecom SEO firm will provide.

Strategic keyword selection:
Keywords are the exact words and phrases your customers use when searching online for telecommunications services. Because the telecom industry is so competitive, finding the most effective, ROI-generating keywords to use can be challenging. For telecom companies, it is important to include branded keywords as well as generic ones, because you’ll want to show up high in results not just when people search for your brand, but also for your competitors’ brand. This can be done by creating pages that compares your company’s services to each competitor.

A competent telecom SEO agency will use a number of techniques to find the best keywords for your site, including:  

  • Thorough research of your company
  • Target audience identification and persona creation
  • Competitor research
  • Comprehensive analysis of your website
  • Keyword analysis

A few of the websites that have published our content:

Once identified, your keywords will be woven into your on-site content to generate the most high-quality traffic possible for your site.

On-site SEO:
Once your keywords have been identified, the next step is to optimize your website. This includes:  

  • Optimize your existing websites pages that match your keyword groups
  • Creating new website pages that target your keyword groups
  • Resolving technical SEO issues, including site map structure, page loading speed, duplicate content, etc.  

Nailing down these on-site SEO best practices will provide a solid base for top site positioning. But the bulk of the lead generation power of SEO lies in the final step.

Off-site SEO strategy and backlink creation:
Connecting your site to relevant popular websites allows you to leverage existing traffic channels and build your reputation with the search engines and with your customer base. A good telecom SEO company will use a number of techniques to create a network of links from relevant, high-ranking sites to yours, including:  

  • Content creation and marketing (including articles, infographics, e-books and videos)
  • Guest blog posting
  • Local and industry specific directory submissions
  • Creation of online business profiles

Over time, these practices will help you cement your online authority and rise steadily in the search results for your chosen keywords.

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