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Today's home buyer relies on the Internet more than ever to make a decision about what house to buy. In fact, 90 percent of today's home buyers report using the Internet as part of their home search. For the modern home builder, this means a solid Internet presence is critical in order to attract potential buyers and lure them into building rather than buying a previously owned home.

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Home builder SEO services help builders create that visibility as they seek to drive traffic to their sites, subdivisions and home plans. By focusing your efforts on building organic traffic to your website through the benefits of SEO, you will enjoy:

  • More qualified leads to your website highlighting your properties, services and communities
  • Increased local buzz about your company’s home building services
  • Better visibility and branding as the builder of choice in your geographic area

Focus on Local SEO for Home Builders for Success

Home building is one industry where a local focus is important, because you’re going to target a very geographically specific demographic of people. Proven, local home builder SEO strategies that will push your site toward the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs) include the following:

Optimizing Business Citations and Listings

Business listings, including Google My Business and name-address-phone number citations (NAP citations) in directories across the Web are a key component to local SEO. By having updated business listings with your current contact information and a link to your website, the more popular you will appear to search engines. Meaning, you can rank better.

Work with a home builder SEO firm to find and optimize these citations, and make sure your SEO plan includes checking for old listings with outdated information, such as an old address or phone number.

A few of the websites that have published our content:

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Building Authoritative Backlinks

The search engines want to showcase results that are helpful to the reader. One way they determine if your site is helpful or not is through the number of authoritative, quality sites you have linking back to you. These links are known as inbound links, or “backlinks.”

Building authoritative backlinks from other home building and real estate sites will show the search engines that your site is worth displaying first. Build backlinks through:

  • Submitted your company to local/industry business directories
  • Getting quoted in the local newspaper and asking for a link back to your company’s website
  • Guest blogging on real estate or home building websites
  • Providing valuable, linkworthy, data-driven content on your website or blog and promoting it via publisher outreach
  • Publishing and distributing press releases announcing new communities

Generally, the higher the quality and quantity of the links, the higher your rank will be. Partner with a home builder SEO agency to ensure your link profile is strong and you are doing all you can to build these critical links.

Optimize Your Site for User-Friendliness

The friendlier your website is for the user, the better it will rank. Google and the other search engines look at factors such as:

  • Page load speed
  • Content length and freshness
  • Readability
  • Site structure
  • Keywords
  • Mobile-friendliness

Make sure your site is delivering a solid user experience, and the search engines will reward it as well.

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