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SEO is an excellent lead generation option for companies in logistics and supply chain services. Since the value of a new client is extremely high, even a handful of sales leads can produce significant campaign ROI. Your logistics and supply chain SEO company must work on several fronts to execute a successful SEO campaign. These are among the most critical.

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High-Quality Content

At the heart of almost all SEO is content. On your website, optimized content builds the authority of your domain and targeted web pages — so that Google crawlers notice them, are impressed by them, and rank them highly for relevant searches. Off-site content (in the form of articles, infographics, etc.) is used to create relevant and authoritative links back to your website. Backlinks are a critical ranking factor for Google, and many logistics/supply chain firms are deficient in this area, putting them at a competitive disadvantage.

The logistics business is complex, sometimes technical, and targets sophisticated buyers and influencers, so SEO content must be extremely well crafted by SEO copywriters who understand the language of logistics, and can write persuasive, credible content based on your inputs. Look for an experienced logistics copywriting team when searching for your logistics and supply chain SEO agency.

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On-Site Expertise

Before your logistics and supply chain SEO firm can begin to campaign effectively, your website must be in good order to support SEO activities. If you have not done SEO in the past, or if you have been engaged in a poorly managed campaign, the odds are your website will need a lot of tweaking before you can get started. If your logistics and supply chain SEO company has a strong staff of web developers and designers, these tweaks can proceed smoothly, whether the SEO company is advising or making changes directly. Important areas of attention on the website include:

  • Making sure all page titles and other meta information is properly optimized
  • Making sure service pages exist and are optimized for all targeted keywords
  • Troubleshooting all SEO issues, such as duplicate content, broken links and improperly set up page redirects
  • Resolving issues that negatively affect page loading speed
  • Implementing a strong responsive website design, so that site pages automatically adjust for optimal viewing on desktop monitors, tablets and mobile phones
  • Streamlining or revamping site navigation, to enable site visitors to quickly find the information they need
  • Implementing granular phone and form tracking so that all SEO-generated conversions can be identified

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The Importance of SEO ROI

This last point, lead tracking, is a critical but often overlooked step. Two areas in particular cause logistics firms to incorrectly evaluate the success of their SEO:

  • Failing to track phone leads, a common problem, means that some of your best SEO leads will go undetected.
  • Failing to validate leads — that is, failing to separate true leads from other types of conversions — will cause you to seriously overestimate the success of your campaign. Our extensive campaign research reveals that about half of all conversions are something other than leads — misdials, spam, sales solicitations, etc.

With the right data, you can assess ROI precisely.

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