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It’s almost impossible to imagine a retail e-commerce business generate revenue without a solid SEO campaign behind it. Tapping into the enormous volume of online shoppers using Google to search for products and services is just too big a market on which to miss out.

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An experienced retail e-commerce SEO company can help a startup establish itself in the market, as well as help established online businesses substantially build order volume and revenue.

Important Elements of an SEO Campaign

The retail e-commerce SEO agency will first want to make sure your e-commerce website is properly optimized to support an aggressive ongoing campaign. Among the key issues to evaluate:

  • Mobile-friendly design. Mobile friendliness is a critical ranking factor for Google. Today’s e-commerce sites must not only be mobile-friendly, but exceptionally mobile-friendly.
  • Positive user experience (UX). The goal of an SEO campaign is not merely to generate organic site traffic, but to produce conversions — that is, orders. If your site makes the buying experience difficult, it will stand in the way of conversions and undermine your SEO investment.
  • Elimination of SEO site issues. Google must be able to index and rank your site’s content easily and accurate. Issues such as missing or poorly optimized title tags, slow page-loading speed, duplicate content and poor internal linking structure must be addressed early in the campaign.

A few of the websites that have published our content:

In addition to a full site review, your retail e-commerce SEO firm will also conduct extensive keyword research and a thorough backlink analysis to arrive at a strategy in line with your budget.

  • Keyword analysis determines whether it will be possible to attack high-volume keywords, or better to focus on long-tail keywords that are highly relevant but less competitive. The number and type of keywords to target must be reasonable for your budget.
  • Backlink analysis determines the amount of time needed to bring your backlinks up to the necessary level in terms of quantity and quality. Because inbound links are such an important ranking factor, improving your link profile will likely be the largest single area of focus for your campaign.

Content development and optimization is another critical area in an SEO campaign, both on-site and off-site.

  • On-site, targeted pages must align with primary target keyword sets, so the right pages rank for the products/services you are trying to sell. Content must be engaging, useful, relevant and of sufficient word count to move the targeted pages up in ranking.
  • Off-site, articles, infographics and other types of content are useful in acquiring high-quality links — and again, the content must not only be optimized with the right keywords, but also written to be as appealing as possible to human readers.

It’s important to realize that SEO takes several months or longer to reach a full head of steam. Google is looking for a steady, sustained effort rather than a burst of activity followed by nothing. This is why you should be wary of a retail e-commerce SEO agency that promises results that are too good to be true. In time, though, you can be successful even in a highly competitive niche with the right keyword focus and execution.

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