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Any law firm looking to attract and retain quality clients will care about search engine optimization (SEO).

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That’s because SEO has the power to increase business simply by harnessing the power of online search. The problem? There are hundreds of factors at work when search engines decide which websites to display in which order. Therefore, understanding how to get high rankings is about much more than building a website and hoping for the best.

What’s more, the algorithms search engines use are always changing. As a law firm looking to capture more of the market share, what can you do? The answer is in the help you choose. A professional law firm SEO company can guide your strategy to boost search rankings, website traffic and leads. As experts in the industry, SEO companies know how to help you take advantage of the power of search to attract more legal clients.

Prospects who need the legal services you offer are likely to turn to search engines, type in a few words or phrases, and choose one of the top three results. When they do, will they find you?

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The Unique Needs of SEO for Law Firms

Unlike other industries, law firms face the unique challenges of staying in compliance with their particular states’ bar association requirements for advertising when marketing online. This is another reason why working with a law firm SEO agency — specialists in the industry — is so useful. With a law firm SEO agency, you have a team of professionals committed to helping you adhere to all legal requirements, while also maximizing your ROI. 

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Attracting Clients Who Are Looking for You

Do you know where most people turn when they need legal advice? A search engine. Likewise, when they want to take legal action, they’ll look for a law firm online. For that reason, competition for law firms is fierce on the Internet — so ranking for relevant terms requires strategy. To ensure the greatest effectiveness for your efforts, you’ll want to partner with a professional law firm SEO company.

A Few Key Law Firm SEO Services

To achieve higher search engine rankings for relevant terms that bring in traffic and leads, you’ll need a clear strategy in place. That strategy may include proven law firm SEO services such as:

  • On-site SEO: Your firm needs the proper website structure in order to communicate effectively with search engines. Likewise, you’ll want plenty of keyword-rich content pages to help rank high for a variety of relevant terms.
  • Responsive web design: An SEO-friendly law firm website needs to be optimized for mobile devices — both for the sake of visitors who search on the go, and for search engines that care about mobile-readiness.
  • Local SEO: Because many customers need lawyers in their area, local SEO is vital for reaching prospects when they want your help.
  • Link-building strategies: While about 25 percent of SEO is related to on-site optimization, the rest relates to off-site strategies designed to encourage more links from quality sites. Search engines put a premium on a site’s reputation, and credibility is judged on the quality and quantity of sites pointing to yours.

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