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When people are planning vacations and business trips, they’re sure to use Google to find places to stay and things to do. Your company’s ability to attract visitors and guests may well hinge on your organic search engine visibility.

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Because the world is shrinking, the tourism and hospitality business is expanding — and competition is more intense than ever. As every tourism and hospitality SEO company knows, Google is a tremendous source of new guests and visitors, but only if the SEO campaign is conducted with great skill.

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How to Succeed With SEO

If you consult with a tourism and hospitality SEO agency, the first thing they’re likely to look at is your website. If it is deficient in certain areas, Google cannot properly crawl your website, cannot understand the purpose of your content, and cannot rank it appropriately. Potentially devastating site issues common in the tourism and hospitality vertical include:

  • Not mobile-friendly. Google’s search algorithm places great emphasis on mobile-friendliness, because more and more of its users are accessing the Web on mobile devices. Beyond SEO, if your website delivers a poor mobile user experience, you are probably turning away opportunities.
  • Poor technical optimization. Behind the scenes on your website, there are a host of issues that can undermine SEO. Common problems in hospitality include improperly handled duplicate content, confusing site navigation, poor internal linking structure, slow page loading (often caused by outdated coding techniques and oversized image files), and missing or poorly optimized page titles and other meta data.
  • Disorganized content. For SEO purposes, each primary target keyword set requires a separate page of content. Often, this is not the case. Once the target keyword groups are established, several new pages of content may need to be added, and/or existing site pages reworked.
  • Poor link profile. Another extremely important ranking factor for Google is the quantity and quality of links coming to your website from authoritative blogs and websites. A tourism and hospitality SEO agency will carefully review your link profile to see how it stacks up to your competitors, and to determine how much time is needed to create new links and (in some cases) clean up bad links.

A few of the websites that have published our content:

Once these issues have been investigated, a tourism and hospitality SEO firm is in a position to fix them (or help you fix them), and develop a keyword list and campaign strategy that involves ongoing on-site and off-site work.

  • On-site, technical performance should be monitored on a regular basis. This is necessary because things can go wrong —forms stop working, external links get broken, etc.
  • On-site, new content will be created to support additional keywords. Existing content may also be expanded and re-optimized to improve rankings. An effective way to cover specific, long-tail keywords is through the ramping up of a blog.
  • On-site, images may be optimized, both to increase page loading speed and to take advantage of Google Image Search.
  • Off-site, articles, infographics and other types of content will be created (with your help in many cases) and marketed to relevant publishers, as a way to create backlinks.
  • Off-site, your tourism and hospitality SEO company will look for other link-building opportunities, such as reputable industry directories and review sites.

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