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Looking for a Charlotte SEO company to take you to the next level? Look no further. We’ve been conducting expert SEO campaigns for clients since 1997.

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SEO has changed dramatically over the last few years. As a long-time Charlotte SEO services agency, we have the experience and industry insight to keep your campaign ahead of the curve.

If you are struggling to see results in your SEO campaign, or feel there is something missing – we can help you!

Straight North: An SEO Specialist in Charlotte, NC with a Difference

Difference 1: A Custom Strategy
A world class SEO firm has to have more than a group of talented technicians – and we do. Our experienced and battle-tested SEO strategists will create a top-flight, customized strategy around your unique needs, giving you a big edge over competitors running cookie-cutter campaigns.

Difference 2: Transparency
When your campaign is underway, we want you to know what we are doing, why we are doing it, and what value these activities are producing. Some SEO companies prefer to hide behind industry jargon, but we believe well informed clients are the best clients.

Difference 3: Results
Our SEO services maintain focus on one thing: generating sales leads. Our unique system of lead validation enables you to see true sales leads (not a hodgepodge of leads, spam, misdials, sales solicitations and other non-leads) in real time. This allows you to review leads while they are hot and evaluate your SEO campaign accurately. See our lead validation infographic to learn more.

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How Your SEO Campaign Will Be Constructed

SEO campaigns have a lot of moving parts, with work being done on a continual basis by SEO specialists, copywriters, outreach specialists, Web designers, programmers and analysts. Our process is highly detailed and well documented – the only way to make sure all the necessary work is being done without gaps and overlap. Your campaign workflow goes through the following five stages:

  • Discovery, Research & Analysis. Reviewing your business, industry and keyword demand.
  • Strategy. Establishing measurable goals, milestones and timeframes.
  • Setup. Implementing lead-tracking systems and other technical optimization prerequisites.
  • Execution. Conducting strategic, ongoing off-site and on-site tasks.
  • Analytics & Continuous Improvement. Collecting and evaluating data to the recalibrate the campaign.

Our campaign process has been refined over years and has stood the test of time. Holding everything together is your dedicated account manager, a Straight North SEO professional with a deep understanding of SEO campaign strategy, along with superior communication and organizational skills. Your account manager’s goal is to keep you informed and answer questions quickly, clearly and completely. Our team of full-time, in-house SEO professionals will execute your campaign. Many SEO companies rely on part-time, off-site or freelance talent. We don’t. Our bench depth in all areas – strategy, technical, content, design, development and analytics – means your campaign will proceed without interruption and not hinge on the availability of one or two individuals.

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