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When it comes to your physical therapy practice’s website, you need your search engine optimization (SEO) to be in as good of shape as your patients.

That’s because, if prospects are going to contact you about physical therapy services in your area, they first need to know you exist.

You want it to be incredibly easy for them to land on your website — exactly what SEO works to do.

How can physical therapy SEO services bring more patients to your practice? Here’s a look.

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Better SEO for Better Online Exposure

Someone in your city needs a physical therapist. Where’s the most obvious place to turn? He or she will likely go to a search engine and type in a few terms relating to a condition, symptom or some treatment specialty. From there, the prospect is most likely to click one of the first three websites that appear in the search results. If your practice is one of them, you have a “warm lead” who is reading about your practice and hopefully calling you. If your website isn’t highly visible in search results, that lead goes to another physical therapist.

How a Physical Therapy SEO Company Can Help You

If you’re like most physical therapists, you’re busy with patients and don’t have a ton of time to research SEO. This is one reason why working with a physical therapy SEO firm makes sense. When you partner with experts in the field, you gain support in everything from keyword research to content creation to website design. You have someone to monitor results and make updates along the way. Best of all, you have the confidence that comes from working with people who are experts in the field.

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Valuable Physical Therapy SEO Services

A professional physical therapy SEO agency can customize an SEO strategy to your business, combining various services to attain maximum ROI. Ideally, it will incorporate:

  • On-site SEO strategies: Optimizing your website means making it responsive to display on both desktops and mobile devices properly, as well as crafting keyword-rich content targeted at the terms your prospects use to find you. A professional physical therapy SEO firm will use everything from website content hierarchy to structured data to make sure you’re communicating effectively with search engines. The firm will also research keywords to determine which terms are most worth targeting.
  • Off-site SEO strategies: As important as on-site optimization is, it only accounts for about 25 percent of SEO performance. The other 75 percent deals with off-site optimization — through links pointing back to your website. Search engines see those links as endorsements of your site’s relevance and value. Wondering how you can get other websites to link to your physical therapy website? One effective strategy is guest blog posting on other sites, with a bio link back to your site. Again, this is something a physical therapy SEO company will know how to help you do.

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