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If there was a better way to market your salon’s services to the people you want in your shop, wouldn’t you be interested? That’s why salon SEO services are so important — they put you in front of your target audience right when they’re looking for you.

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The Way Search Engines Work

Say a woman wants a facial in your city. Where is she most likely to go? Years ago, she may have asked a friend or turned to the classified ads. Today, she types terms into a search engine. Immediately, she’s got relevant information about salons at her fingertips — so ask yourself, will yours be one of them? Most searchers will click within the top three results on the first page, so if your salon isn’t ranking well for relevant terms, you’re missing opportunities to attract clients. To move higher in search results, you need a way to tell search engines that you’re the best resource to meet a prospect’s needs. This is where a salon SEO company comes in handy.

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What a Salon SEO Agency Offers

You can have the best salon website in the business, but it doesn’t matter if no one knows about it. A salon SEO firm understands this and uses strategic salon SEO services to change the way your website ranks online. Using both on-site and off-site optimization strategies, it makes your salon a top pick for people who are looking for you.

  • On-site optimization strategies: Accounting for about 25 percent of SEO, on-site optimization includes everything from website design to keyword-optimized content. It’s about creating the kind of valuable, high-quality site that encourages shares, provides answers to clients’ questions and communicates effectively to search engines.
  • Off-Site optimization strategies: The other 75 percent of SEO is about off-site optimization. In other words, it’s about the quantity and quality of sites linking to you. Getting other websites to link to your salon’s website can be tricky, so a salon SEO firm can strategize to use guest posts, for example, to earn links pointing back to your site. The more links you acquire, the more authority and credibility you have in the eyes of search engines.

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Benefits of SEO for Your Salon

Someone in your neighborhood will probably search online for a salon today. When he or she types search terms on a smartphone or computer, you want the results to point back to you. Why? Simply put, there are a lot of benefits of salon SEO, including:

  • Enhanced online credibility
  • Increased traffic
  • New customers

Even better, by working with a salon SEO company, your salon gains knowledge about competition, research on keywords, reports on progress and the expertise of professionals who specialize in the field — all while saving you the time of trying to figure out SEO on your own.

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