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When people need to find new doctors, they most likely turn to their health care provider or a search engine.

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Through a few simple keywords describing their specific conditions, symptoms, location and/or desired physician specialties, they’ll find results for physician websites near them. From those results, they decide who to call and/or schedule appointments with — will your practice be the one they contact?

A Unique Window of Time in Which to Reach a Prospect

You need to capture the attention of a prospective patient at the precise moment he/she needs your services. Doctor SEO services work to accomplish this. Through strategic website design, content creation and reputation enhancement, a doctor SEO company can help you rank higher in search results — which, in turn, increases website traffic, leads and calls. This brings more prospects to your office, helping you build your practice over time.

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Moving Higher in Search Results

A professional doctor SEO agency is in the business of understanding search engines and their ever-changing algorithms. Using that knowledge, it can help your practice make the most of its online presence. Here are a few methods doctor SEO services might employ.

  • Responsive web design: It’s a mobile world today, with more and more Web users searching on their smartphones, on the go, instead of primarily on their desktops at home. For this reason, you can’t afford to ignore responsive web design. Your business needs a website that will display properly on any device in order to reach the most prospects. Likewise, search engines value mobile design and use it to help judge the credibility of your site.
  • Keyword-optimized content: In order for your office to show in search results, it needs to use keywords for which prospects search. A doctor SEO firm can research those terms and help you produce content accordingly. This not only increases your authority for search terms, but it also leads to valuable, worthwhile content that is shareable online.
  • Guest posting: Roughly 75 percent of SEO relates to off-site optimization and backlinks. To help build your authority online, a doctor SEO agency will use services such as guest posting — where articles on other website point back to yours — helping you become a more authoritative resource.
  • Localization: As a doctor, you likely treat patients in a specific geographic area. In order to reach those patients, you need to build a website that includes “local” keywords and an address that gets you mapped in local search results.

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