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Does your company provide services to businesses? Are you looking to expand your client base and/or find an easier, cost-effective way to market your business? Search engine optimization (SEO) can help you do just that.

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A business services SEO company will employ a number of strategies to help your company’s website appear at or near the top of search engine results. Strong positioning on Google helps your site:

  • Outperform your competition online
  • Attract people who are actively searching for your services (many of whom will be hot leads and ready to buy)
  • Establish credibility with your website visitors

Business service industries tend to be SEO-competitive. Let’s take a look at a few SEO techniques that can help your site rise above the crowd.

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It All Starts With Deep Research

Most people are aware that SEO utilizes keywords to generate online traffic. But few are aware of the depth and breadth of research required for optimal results, not only in terms of volume of traffic generated, but also in traffic quality. Finding the ones that will deliver traffic cost-effectively enough to result in the kind of ROI you need from your SEO campaign can be challenging and requires a good amount of expertise.

A competent business services SEO firm will take the time to thoroughly research your business and your target audience, as well as potential keywords. They will consider a number of keyword factors including average monthly search volume, current monthly search volume, low-hanging fruit, and more. Not the least of these is user intent. Users who are ready to buy often use slightly different keywords than those who are just starting to look.

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Backlinks Rule

Optimizing your website’s content and title tags is a critical aspect of SEO that should not be glossed over. But as crucial as it is to correctly structure and write your site, these onsite factors are just the tip of the SEO iceberg.

A good business services SEO agency will spend 75 percent of its effort getting sufficient quantities of links pointing back to your site from elsewhere online, and ensuring that all links to your site are of acceptable quality. Just a few ways to do this include:

  • Properly setting up your company’s Google My Business page to secure “local pack listings” on Google
  • Adding your site to appropriate online directories
  • Securing guest posting opportunities with high-quality, industry-relevant blogs

Quality Matters

Whether your content appears on your site, on social media or elsewhere online, having content that is attractive both to the search engines and to your prospective clients is critical. Eight out of 10 business decision-makers prefer to learn about your services through articles rather than ads. It is well worth it to invest in intelligently crafted articles, infographics, and other content that reflects well on your company and encourages social sharing. Such content builds a powerful online presence for your company that will deliver substantial ROI over time.

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