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Anyone in the mortgage industry knows that if you want to target customers, you need to know something about them — and that starts with the way they use the Internet.

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Keyword-Optimized Content Marketing

Content is king when it comes to boosting your authority for specific keywords. With that in mind, rather than listing all your financial specialties or services on one page, a mortgage SEO firm can help you build pages for each important term — in order to build authority and search rankings.

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A Local Focus

The mortgage industry tends to be locally focused. In other words, prospects look for lenders in their town or community; they may even search for “lenders near me” while on the go. This makes building a website with clear location information and local keywords vital. It helps your site target the potential clients in your area.

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Link Building

As important as on-site SEO strategies such as website design and content creation may be, 75 percent of SEO involves off-site strategies. Search engines analyze the quantity and quality of sites linking to your site, and they use that information to determine how credible (and thus, high ranking) your mortgage company should be. A professional mortgage SEO company will invest resources in building more links with credible websites and helping your business gain authority.

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