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In today’s digital world, photography is more competitive than ever. That’s why, to get noticed, professionals need as many ways as possible to stand out above the competition. Through strategic photographers SEO services, you can appear more prominently in search results to be the one prospects find when they’re in the market for photography services.

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How can a photographers SEO company help you get noticed online?

Whether you specialize in family photography, food photography, commercial work or something else, using SEO is a great way to gain exposure online and attract new leads.

Here are a few examples:

  • Responsive website design for greater authority/usability: Having a photography website that works smoothly on both desktops and mobile devices is important for reaching users wherever they search. More so, though, responsive web design tells search engines that you’re a credible site — one that cares about user experience.
  • Keyword-optimized content to target key terms: If you’re a fantastic pet photographer, for example, you need to optimize your site’s content for specific phrases such as “dog photography (city)” or “best pet photographers in my area”. To rank well, your website needs to target relevant keywords with optimized pages and blog posts accordingly. A photographers SEO agency can research which terms to pick, and create content that targets those keywords.
  • Smart content hierarchy: Ranking higher in search engine results is related to, in part, understanding how content is read by Google crawlers. Search engines are designed to be smart, but they aren’t people. That’s why you need to produce content that communicates to your visitors and to the search engines that help those visitors find you. One key way is through content hierarchy, which shows how pages and posts link.
  • Link building for greater online authority: A good percentage of SEO relates to the quantity and quality of links that point back to your site. Search engines look at those links as endorsements of your content. The better your offsite links, the better your online authority.

Whether you’re a new photographer wanting to build a customer base, or an experienced professional ready to expand, SEO is the ticket to getting more online exposure, traffic and business.

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Benefits of strategic SEO include:

  • Higher search rankings
  • Increased organic traffic
  • Improved credibility online
  • Enhanced brand awareness
  • A chance to capture the attention of new customers looking for photography services

When you work with a professional photographers SEO firm to rank better online, you can make the most of your website and start seeing greater ROI.

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