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A professional website helps home improvement companies attract new customers and highlight the benefits of their service offerings.

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By gaining new traffic organically from Google and the other search engines, home improvement companies and contractors can:

  • Increase their online visibility and name or brand recognition
  • Continually draw new leads for their products and services
  • Improve their credibility in the local community through a strong presence on local search results

The key to these benefits is home improvement SEO, and the right home improvement SEO company to provide these services.

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Understanding the Basics of Home Improvement SEO

Effective SEO for local home improvement contractors requires careful and dedicated attention to three key areas. These are:

1. The Right Keywords

The first step in building a home improvement SEO campaign is choosing the right keywords. Keyword analysis must consider:

  • Relevance — Keywords must be relevant to the services offered by the company or contractor.
  • Competition — The less competitors are vying for a specific keyword, the better the results.
  • Volume — Keywords need to be what customers will search frequently.
  • Local — Home improvement is a highly local business, so keywords need a local component.

Search intent and volume are quite important for home improvement companies, as a customer is more likely to search “kitchen remodel” than “home improvement contractor.” Keyword analysis and implementation is a critical component of a successful SEO campaign for home improvement companies. 

2. Off-Site SEO Considerations

Much of the task of SEO happens off the website, not on it. Updated, sophisticated search algorithms allow the search engine bots to see all of the links that point to your site. The more quality, industry-specific sites that you have linking to your page, the more authoritative it appears to the search engines — and the higher your rank will be. For home improvement companies, you will want to find links to relevant, local websites, including:

  • The local chamber of commerce
  • Business directories for your local area
  • Better Business Bureau
  • Home improvement websites and forums

Work with a home improvement SEO agency to learn more about building a solid link profile, and to have your existing link profile carefully analyzed.

3. On-Site SEO Factors

One common mistake in building a website that many home improvement companies and contractors make is simply providing a list of services and contact information — nothing more. While this may be all your customers want to see, the search engines need quality, updated content with accurate links that work in order to rank your site well. A logical, mobile-friendly site structure is also an important component of SEO. Work with your home improvement SEO company to learn ways — such as blogging — that you can add fresh and linkworthy content to your site.

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Proven and Effective SEO for Home Improvement Companies

As a home improvement contractor or company, you know the value of hard work and patience to get the job done right. These same attributes are necessary for effective home improvement SEO services. Continuing dedication to implementing strategies and analyzing results to make improvements is required for a high rank and excellent organic visibility.

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