Pro Tips On How To Design A Billboard

June 6, 2017

Living in Chicago and dealing with Chicago traffic, I’ve had plenty of time to study billboards. Plenty. This is the conclusion I’ve come to: Most billboards stink, even ones created by global companies with the marketing resources to do it right.

Billboard design issues that crop up over and over include:

  • Unreadable fonts — Unreadable at a dead stop, let alone flying down the expressway at 70 mph.

  • Horrible color contrast — Making the message even harder to absorb.

  • Microscopic branding — Nice imagery, but what’s the name of the company?

  • Inscrutable message — Nice imagery, but what am I looking at?

  • Too much information — Just because most drivers speed does not mean they are speed-readers.

If you want your billboard to accomplish something — expand brand awareness, generate an inquiry, bring in new foot traffic, etc. — following best practices for billboard design will set you on the road to success.

Helpful Resources for Billboard Design

To help with your billboard design project, I put together this list of resources that seems especially helpful.

Hopefully these resources will put your billboard design in high gear.

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