About Performance Card Service

Performance Card Service specializes in high-risk merchant processing, with more than 15 years experience creating profitable, long-term relationships between merchants and processing companies for credit card, eCheck and ACH payments.


The initial focus was on-site to improve the conversion effectiveness of the Performance Card Service website. Once this work was completed, we shifted focus off-site, to focus on building domain authority through link building.

Key Tactics

  • Improved home page design and content to strengthen credibility and incorporate high-converting, relevant keywords.
  • Simplified and redesigned the Contact Us page to improve usability and generate more leads.
  • Conducted extensive research to identify the best targets for content marketing outreach.
6-Month Steady Climb

For the last six months, our SEO campaign produced a faster than usual, steadily increasing flow of sales leads.

Double The Traffic

Since the campaign’s inception, organic traffic has increased 139 percent.

Sales Leads Up 1,800%

The increase in traffic is significant, but even more important is the 1,800 percent increase in leads. This dramatizes the importance of focusing on conversion and keyword selection.