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Straight North, an industry-leading B2B SEO agency, has focused on SEO services to B2B companies for over two decades. Regardless of the type of products you sell or the size of your business, our B2B SEO company will create an SEO solution that gets you results.

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B2B products and services are more complex, and purchases generally require extensive research, human interaction and approvals from multiple decision-makers. Beyond improving website visibility, the objectives of a B2B SEO campaign include increasing ecommerce revenue and lead generation from product demonstrations, white papers and resource downloads, order quotes and newsletter signups.   

Straight North’s full-time, in-house SEO professionals have created, implemented and managed thousands of successful B2B SEO campaigns over the years. When your business sells products or services to other businesses, you want to work with a marketing agency like ours that specializes in SEO for B2B companies. We understand the differences between the B2C and B2B target markets, keywords, content style, marketing channels and more, and our SEO team is fully prepared to help you generate sales leads and grow ecommerce revenue through a customized SEO campaign.  

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Benefits of B2B SEO Done Right

Acting as your B2B SEO expert, our firm works hard to create and execute a search engine optimization strategy that helps your business grow.  

Business Vertical Experience

Having worked with companies in diverse markets and a wide range of industries, we understand how to sell to businesses in all verticals.

Proven SEO Results

Our clients see results: improved keyword rankings, more organic search engine traffic, increased sales and a growth in revenue.

SEO Professionals

We have a deep bench of knowledgeable SEO specialists, content marketing specialists, designers, copywriters, editors and account managers with B2B expertise.

Link Building

Google’s algorithm highly values inbound links to your website. We acquire backlinks from other websites to increase your domain authority and help you rank higher.

Professional Copywriting

Our copywriters understand how to write relevant, credible and strong, keyword-focused B2B content that speaks to and persuades your customers.

Reporting Platform

We measure the ongoing performance of your SEO campaign and provide you with access to your reporting dashboard so you can monitor your progress.

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B2B SEO Services Tailored for Your Business

Whether your company is a manufacturer, supplier, distributor, wholesaler or any other type of B2B business, we have an SEO solution for you. In the past, B2B businesses found customers through word of mouth, industry directories and direct mail. Today, B2B businesses get more customers via the internet than any other marketing method.

Getting found on search engines so you obtain highly qualified organic traffic requires an effective SEO strategy. As engineers, procurement managers and other B2B buyers search online for what you sell, easily finding your company is imperative — and the goal of the experts at our B2B SEO agency is to boost your online presence.

We Offer Effective SEO for B2B Companies

Our B2B SEO company understands the basics of B2B business, and with your input, we will develop an SEO strategy that considers your target audience, the keywords that best describe what your customers are searching for, and the content that will persuade website visitors to dig deep into what you offer and eventually purchase from you. Our B2B clients rely on us to help them stand out from the crowd and get the leads and sales they need to grow revenue. Are you ready to get started?

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