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Straight North is the industry-leading, small business SEO company that helps you generate more sales leads and ecommerce revenue to grow your business. Utilizing SEO best practices, we help small companies like yours turn their target audiences into new customers.

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SEO for Small Business

SEO is a critical area for most small companies, and one that offers great opportunities for success. As more people use mobile devices for Google searches, the odds that a business will be found via organic search increase. Some small businesses target a national audience while others target local customers. Approximately one-third to half of all online searches have local intent, many of which come from users with an immediate need, such as looking for an HVAC service, plumber, physician and more.

Are you ready to work with an experienced team of small business SEO specialists dedicated solely to your account? Straight North is adept at developing and executing affordable, local and national SEO campaigns that help our small business clients get results that put them ahead of the competition. We work with many clients in diverse businesses, including health care, financial services, home repair, construction and education.

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Grow with Small Business SEO

Whether you are competing with larger companies with deep pockets or have a limited budget, our small business SEO agency will help you succeed.

Business Market Expertise

We have worked with clients in various industries and sectors, which has made us experts in all markets, including yours.  

Effective Results

Straight North generates results in the form of sales leads, new customers and increased revenue for our small business clients.

Deep SEO Knowledge

Our full-time, in-house staff of SEO experts has the experience and knowledge to take your small business SEO to a higher level.

Backlink Creation

Our content marketing specialists, copywriters and designers work hard to earn backlinks to your website from relevant websites.

Exceptional Content Creation

Our full-time, in-house copywriters create informative, engaging and relevant keyword-focused content for your website.

Performance-Tracking Dashboard

You have access to our performance metrics that track, measure and monitor your SEO results, including keyword rankings, search traffic and conversions.

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The Best SEO Agency for Small Businesses

Have you always believed that leveraging the power of search engines and SEO services is only for big businesses? Well, it’s not! We offer small business SEO services to help companies like yours thrive and grow by attracting more website visitors and generating sales leads and ecommerce revenue. Our small business SEO agency includes solutions for local, national and ecommerce businesses.

Affordable SEO Services for Small Business

Whatever your particular challenges — large competitors, small budget — we will help you find a way to succeed with SEO. Some of the options we consider include focusing on lower volume, less competitive longtail keywords or starting small by concentrating on a single product or service.

The small business SEO specialists at Straight North are ready to custom tailor a solution to improve your organic search rankings, which leads to increased traffic, conversions and revenue. Depending on your specific situation, we tailor a solution to meet your unique needs. Whatever route we — your team and ours — decide to take, you can rest assured that we have the experience and knowledge to take your small business SEO to a higher level.

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