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Google penalty recovery removal services are geared to helping companies overcome penalties imposed by Google for violating its guidelines. Expert SEO Google penalty removal recovery services are crucial to businesses since these penalties can have a devastating effect on traffic and conversions.

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Your Guide to SEO Penalty Services

Google imposes two types of penalties: a manual action and an algorithmic penalty. Manual actions are issues flagged by Google’s algorithm that trigger a member of Google’s spam-fighting team to review the issue. If it is determined that the issue violates Google’s quality guidelines, a penalty will be imposed on your website and you will be alerted within Google Search Console. An algorithmic penalty is triggered when Google’s algorithm identifies an issue and automatically imposes a penalty on your website without any notification. These are often identified by a precipitous drop in keyword rankings and organic traffic.

Penalties can affect an entire website, a section of pages or a specific page and result in the affected pages no longer appearing in Google’s search results. Specific items that trigger a penalty include user-generated or third-party spam, unnatural links to and from your site, content without much value, keyword stuffing and more. Bad links and poor content — blatant attempts to manipulate Google’s search results — cause the majority of penalties today. After analyzing links to identify any issues, our Google penalty service team works hard to disavow the bad ones without inadvertently disavowing the good ones. In addition, revising or replacing irrelevant website copy with high-quality, informative content that meets Google’s standards is well within our capabilities.

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Get On the Road to Recovery

With our Google penalty removal service, penalties can be overcome with the right approach.

Regain Rankings

SEO specialists with experience in dealing with Google penalties devote their time and maximize their efforts to helping you recover your rankings as quickly as possible. 

Grow Traffic

After analyzing the problem and identifying the solution, our SEO team works hard to implement the fixes, monitor results and bring back your traffic.

Increase Conversions

Once the penalty is lifted, you can expect your rankings to begin improving, organic search traffic to grow and conversions to increase.

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Do You Need Google Recovery Services?

Have you received a warning from Google? Have you been hit with a penalty? In the absence of an official warning, and assuming Google has not made a major algorithm change, signs of a penalty include abrupt drops in rankings and traffic that have no other explanations. We work with you to determine the cause of the decreases you’re seeing and help you recover.

If you have received a manual action or you suspect that you have an algorithmic penalty, you must act as soon as possible. The negative impacts of lower rankings and less traffic will not go away on their own; in fact, the situation will likely worsen. However, the damage can be mitigated by taking the proper recovery steps and monitoring their impact.

Start Your Google Penalty Recovery

In addition to decades of experience in creating, implementing and managing campaigns, Straight North’s SEO professionals are adept at ensuring that our clients’ websites meet Google’s guidelines. When websites are found not to comply with Google standards, for whatever reason, we work diligently to correct the issues and get those websites back into good standing so businesses can resume their quests for greater rankings, traffic and revenue. 

We have helped many clients deal with and survive manual actions. After diagnosing and fixing the problem, we submit a reconsideration request to let Google know that you have identified the issue and its cause, taken documented action to fix it and initiated an action plan to prevent future occurrences. Finally, our recovery team monitors traffic and rankings to look for improvement. 

We have provided successful Google recovery services to businesses like yours for years. Let us help you fix your issues and get your penalty removed. Ready to get started?

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