About Patterson Pope

Patterson Pope is a 40-plus-year-old storage solutions provider based in Charlotte, North Carolina with a presence in 10 states. The 200-employee company came to Straight North to increase its online footprint and to fill the sales pipeline with leads throughout its service area. Three years later, Patterson Pope’s SEO campaign continues to drive growth in traffic and leads.


The SEO strategy was methodical: Prioritize product pages based on value to the business and growth potential, then concentrate efforts on the highest priority page until growth goals are met.

Key Tactics

Keyword research identified search queries that balanced search volume with conversion likelihood. Our SEO team enhanced each page by first expanding content depth and optimizing on-page elements based on the keyword research. Next, we procured links from relevant industry directories and B2B company profile sites. As each page reached its ranking and traffic targets, we turned our attention to the next page on our list.

High-density shelving, medical storage, modular shelving, and weapons storage proved to be strong and profitable growth areas. Straight North found an eager audience for articles by Patterson Pope in the office, military, law enforcement and medical sectors. With each page we optimized, Straight North expanded Patterson Pope’s online footprint. Today, the vast majority of traffic to its site is first-time visitors from organic search.


Leads from organic search have increased 416 percent since the client began the SEO campaign.


Organic traffic to key product pages, the focus of our SEO campaign, has increased 83 percent over three years.


Today, 92 percent of the search traffic to the client’s product pages is first-time visitors!