About Acieta

Acieta has been leading the way in automation technology for more than 30 years, with over 4,000 robotic system installs throughout North America. Acieta is the combination of the best automation integrators from Automated Concepts Incorporated and Ellison Technologies Automation. Its focus is designing, developing and implementing automation solutions in all industry sectors to help lower costs and increase productivity.


Like many of our clients, Acieta hired Straight North to build a new website that would be followed by ongoing SEO services. When the site launched in Fall 2014, our Internet marketing team immediately began building domain authority by obtaining links from leading automation, robotics and manufacturing websites. The site quickly moved up in search results thanks to its relevance to these topics. Our SEO team expanded content on Acieta’s applications pages to show how robots could be used in production lines, assembly, palletizing, material handling and more.

The addition of a blog marked a big step forward for Acieta. The blog allowed Acieta to further establish itself as an authority on robotics, and provided a platform for earning guest authorship opportunities on industry sites around the Web. Straight North focused the client’s blogging on educating the public and dispelling myths that robots will put Americans out of jobs.

Acieta recently expanded its services from Straight North to include pay-per-click (PPC) and email marketing, and has asked us to help with further Web support and expansion of its website.

Key Tactics

  • Developed a company blog on the benefits of automation, collaborating with robots, and robotic programming.
  • Expanded content depth on robotics application pages.
  • Executed a guest blogging campaign to position Acieta as the pre-eminent thought leader on robotics and automation.

Acieta’s lead volume has increased 1,200 percent since the launch of our SEO campaign.


Organic search traffic has increased 93.74 percent since the launch of our campaign.

30% Reduction in CPL

Acieta’s cost per lead has dropped by over 30% and is extremely affordable for this sector.