About Go Fan Yourself

Go Fan Yourself (GFY) is a technology-driven manufacturer of industrial fans, turbines and ventilation systems. The firm engaged Straight North to build a lead generation website.


  • Develop a lead generating site that offers professional presence at the same time as exciting product information.
  • Describe the specific differentiators of products both visually and with engaging content and provided a clear path to conversion.

Key Tactics

  • Designed home page to incorporate the images of GFY products in operation in actual installations, to connect potential customers to meaningful applications.
  • Undertook keyword research and created solid title tag and Meta descriptions for product and home pages to define GFY to search engines.
  • Got the site up in less than one month to allow the PPC campaign to deliver a professional site for lead generation.

Our streamlined production process enabled us to launch the website in a mere 20 days.


A new pay-per-click campaign coordinated to launch immediately after the website launch produced immediate leads: over $350,000 in job bids in less than a month!


Thanks in large part to a strong content strategy and innovative design work, the new website positioned the GFY brand as a major company in the sector, and solidified its brand identity.