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Every year, more people access the web through mobile devices, which is why your business must deliver an outstanding user experience regardless of screen size. Straight North custom websites generate high-quality sales leads for your business on all devices.

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What Is Mobile Responsive Web Design?

Did you know more than half of all web traffic in the United States originates from mobile devices? If your website is not responsive (i.e., optimized for all screen widths), mobile users may find using your site difficult, it may not rank as well in search engines, and you will lose opportunities to generate leads, sales and revenue. If you currently don’t have a website, or your existing website is not responsive, then you need to get a responsive website as soon as possible.

Straight North, a responsive web design company, has been building responsive websites for more than a decade; in fact, responsive websites are all we build. A responsive website adjusts to fit the screen on which it is displayed. The site doesn’t merely shrink to fit; it is specially designed to be easily viewed on any device, maximizing the visitor’s user experience. By prioritizing mobile usability and site speed, our websites make converting just as easy on mobile as on all other devices.

Advantages of Mobile Web Design Services

Here’s how our mobile web design company helps you succeed.

Acquire New Prospects

With more than half of all online traffic now coming from smartphones and tablets, a mobile site attracts more visitors, which means more leads and sales.


Responsive websites attract mobile visitors, help keep them on your site longer, increase engagement, drive conversions and grow your revenue. 

Strengthen Credibility

High-quality design and expert copywriting, combined with a mobile-friendly, easy-to-navigate site, improve brand credibility.

Robust SEO Framework

As a leading SEO agency, Straight North builds SEO into your responsive site so it ranks well in search engines, drives traffic and generates leads.

Enhance Usability

Responsive websites are designed to provide an excellent user experience for your visitors on mobile devices, and that means more leads, sales and revenue.

Enhance Site Speed

We create mobile sites that ensure fast page loading on any device, keeping visitors on your site while delivering a solid user experience.

Some of the clients we’ve developed an updated web presence for:

Responsive Web Design Services

You want to reach potential customers who are using smartphones and tablets, not just laptops and desktops. Instead of building separate sites, the best solution is to build a single website that is responsive, i.e., adaptable to any size screen on any type of device. Responsive websites are user-friendly to viewers on all devices.

Responsive sites have a number of benefits, including improved SEO performance, lower maintenance costs, enhanced user experience and increased conversions.

Leading Responsive Web Design Agency

Straight North, a premier web design company, builds high-quality, fully custom, responsive websites that turn your casual website visitors into interested prospects. Our in-house team of copywriters, designers and developers is fully trained in responsive web design best practices. Your project will be completed on time, on budget — and improve your ability to generate high-quality leads and increase revenue.

Our mobile web design company builds the industry’s best custom websites for lead generation. Our in-house team of designers and developers is proficient in SEO, user experience best practices and conversion optimization techniques. When you partner with Straight North, you get a responsive website that is more than attractive; it will rank higher in search engines, attract visitors using all types of devices and generate leads.

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