About Acieta

Acieta is a leading integrator of industrial robotics and related automation systems. The company helps clients reduce manufacturing costs, increase throughput and achieve other crucial operational objectives.


  • Create a brand, logo and website to position the new spin-off company, Acieta, which was formerly the Automation Division of Ellison Technologies.
  • Dispel industry myths and misconceptions about the costs and labor impacts of robotics automation.
  • Build an SEO-ready website to support future online marketing efforts.

Key Tactics

  • Facilitated stakeholder discovery to identify value propositions, benefits, differentiators and style preferences.
  • Exercised creative brainstorming and group ideation to develop key messages of brand identity and logo concept.
  • Conducted keyword research to identify non-branded search demand related to robotics, automation and relevant industry applications.
  • Applied best practices in responsive Web design and development.

In the first 12 months after launch, our new website generated sales leads that produced several million dollars in revenue.


Through a bold approach to design on content, the new website made a strong and positive impression in the market, helping Acieta to quickly establish a compelling brand identity.