About Grove Dental Associates

Grove Dental is a family dental practice with four locations in the Chicago suburbs. The organization retained Straight North to create and manage a PPC campaign to attract new patients and increase appointments for its various dental services.


  • Decrease costs over time by improving clickthrough rate (CTR) and conversion rate.
  • Emphasize granularity to attract the most relevant users.

Key Tactics

  • Created and implemented several custom microsites with specific landing pages correlated to PPC ad groups. This significantly increased conversion rate and total number of leads.
  • Continually improved CTR and conversion rate, and reduced cost per lead (CPL), by qualifying traffic better at the ad level.

Our campaign gave Grove Dental’s staff a lot of work to sink their teeth into, by generating an increase in PPC leads of 294.59 percent.

Cost Per Lead DOWN 86%

While tripling the number of PPC leads, our campaign reduced CPL 86.04%, with significant positive impact on the client’s earnings.