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Looking for a Chicago PPC management company that delivers real results? Look no further. Straight North, a top Chicago PPC marketing company since PPC began in 2002, has a track record second to none.

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Our best-of-class paid search marketing team is a Google Partner and a Bing Ads Accredited Professional. We have all the talent – in-house and full-time – to manage even the most complex campaigns in Chicago, IL.

If you’ve been struggling to get results from your PPC efforts, we can help you improve conversion rates, reduce cost per conversion and generate great sales leads.

Why You Should Partner with Our Chicago PPC Marketing Firm

Expertise, Experience, Imagination
In addition to PPC technical professionals, our team includes Web designers, developers, copywriters and analysts. Top industry talent goes into every piece of your campaign, from keyword research to landing page and ad creation to A/B split testing to analytics.

Real-Time Lead Validation & Reporting
We are the only Chicago PPC company that validates every sales lead and reports to you in real time. This unique service enables you to review hot leads quickly, and also to evaluate exactly how many sales leads your campaign is producing. See our lead validation infographic to learn more.

Transparency in Our Work & Communication
We take the mystery out of pay-per-click services. Our belief is that an informed, engaged client is the best client. We want you to know exactly what work we are doing and how it is affecting the campaign. We welcome your questions and suggestions any time.

A proven partner trusted by the biggest names in the industry:

What Our PPC Management Looks Like

Our PPC team uses real-time data and a strategic, lead generation focus to make rapid, continuous improvements to your campaign. Among the most important factors that improve performance:

  • Search engine emphasis. Put more effort into Google or Bing, depending on which is generating the lower cost leads.
  • Campaign emphasis. Increase budgets on more effective campaigns.
  • Ad group. Put more focus on top-performing ad groups.
  • Keyword match type. Emphasize match types that are generating the most leads.
  • Keywords. Focus on keywords that generate the most leads.
  • Ad Scheduling. Target the campaign to the days and times that generate the most leads.

To further enhance your campaign, we assign you a dedicated account manager, an individual with PPC experience and expertise, as well as outstanding project management and communication skills. Our account manager organizes and monitors all campaign activities and is your main point of contact for day-to-day communications and monthly reviews. All of these components are what makes Straight North the best PPC marketing partner in Chicago. Consider us for a new campaign now: PPC advertising is a way to jump to the head of the line on Google and Bing – a faster route to generating leads than SEO. With the right budget and strategy, you can get immediate high visibility for even the most competitive and lead-generating, revenue-producing keywords.

Why PPC Should Be Part of Your Online Marketing

On the fence about PPC? Not sure you’ve gotten top PPC results in the past? Don’t let uncertainty or a bad experience hold you back. As one of the best agencies in Chicago, IL, we’ve helped scores of clients achieve their best results ever with our expertly managed campaigns. Here is how partnering with a top PPC agency like Straight North puts your marketing in overdrive.

More qualified traffic
Some people respond to organic search results. Others like email. And many respond favorably to PPC ads. And unlike many organic search engine users or email subscribers, people who look at PPC ads are likely to be in the market for the products and services you sell — right now!

Great conversion potential
For the reason just stated — high level of interest — PPC click-throughs tend to come from people ready to do business. Of course, this does not guarantee a sale or a lead, but it improves the likelihood of attracting the right people. Plus, our ongoing testing and campaign refinements lead to increased click-throughs and conversions. Your campaign results should get better over time.

Positive branding impact
Even people who are not keen on PPC ads are impressed when they see your company appear prominently on Google. Companies that invest in advertising and have a strong presence on Google tend to be successful companies. This perception adds to your brand exposure and ad credibility. Of course, this happens most powerfully when our PPC team is creating persuasive, professional ads and landing pages. Without those, all of that additional brand exposure could be counterproductive in the extreme.

Taking the initiative from competitors
Some companies, and possibly your competitors, do “competitor PPC campaigns” that target your branded keywords. In other words, when people search specifically for your company or branded products, they see PPC ads from your competitors! For many reasons, negative campaigns are not desirable, and do more harm than good. Nevertheless, they are a fact of life on Google, so smart companies run campaigns with their own branded keywords to make sure users see you, not your competitors, for those branded searches. What’s more, this strategy usually has extremely high click-through rates and conversion rates. This is just one of many campaign nuances our PPC agency deploys in your campaign.

Sales insights to boost revenue

Data from our top-quality PPC campaigns is extraordinarily helpful in making our clients’ sales strategy and tactics more effective. For example, by split testing PPC offers, clients gain important insights into what types of offers are most and least effective. These insights can then be woven into sales presentations with a strong, positive impact on all phases of the sales process, from initial contact to closing. Similarly, PPC testing provides crucial information about audience segments. If certain types of prospects produce higher click-through rates and more conversions, the sales team can begin to focus its own lead generation and development activities in that direction.

We’ve helped companies in Chicago achieve their objectives with PPC. We can help you, too.

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