Pro Stock Hockey

Pro Stock Hockey is a new e-commerce business, selling pro stock NHL hockey equipment throughout North America. The firm — now firmly established as an industry leader — retained Straight North to efficiently drive e-commerce revenue.


  • Adjust and optimize campaigns to meet return on ad spend (ROAS) goals while driving steady revenue.
  • Take advantage of unique promotional offers to maintain competitive edge.
  • Adjust scope and style of campaign with hockey seasonality in mind.

Key Tactics

  • Improved ROAS by pausing underperforming keywords.
  • Worked closely with client to promote its inventory and used its seasonal marketing calendar to update ads and adjust campaign budgets.
  • Worked with client to get a product list ad (PLA) campaign up and running to increase its reach, while maintaining a positive ROAS.

Our campaign produced ROAS of 524.80 percent.


Our campaign generated a total revenue increase of 1,887.92 percent — crucial for Pro Stock Hockey’s ramp up success.


Along with the significant revenue increase, the PPC campaign produced a 2,250 percent increase in transactions, vitally important for building a broad customer base.