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How successful is your current PPC campaign? Our free paid search audit identifies issues that are limiting the effectiveness of your PPC campaign. Let us help you increase your click-through rate, reduce your cost per action and drive more conversions.

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Comprehensive PPC Audit Services

Straight North has delivered successful results for thousands of clients by helping businesses improve the effectiveness of their PPC campaigns. Our PPC specialists understand how to identify and fix the problems that may be preventing your campaign from reaching its full potential.

Before creating a paid search campaign for your business, we begin with a pay per click audit to identify issues that are affecting your ongoing search, shopping, display, video and social campaigns. After our free paid search audit uncovers problems, Straight North works with you to determine the next steps to improve your campaign.

A PPC Audit Agency Is Beneficial

Addressing the results of your free PPC audit will help:

Drive More Sales
Improving your PPC campaign drives sales leads and increases ecommerce revenue. High-quality ads and landing pages set you apart from the competition.

Increase Conversion Rate
Optimizing PPC campaigns based on the results of your PPC audit helps to improve your conversion rate and generate more sales.

Improve Traffic Quality
Effective, highly targeted PPC campaigns engage your desired audience and drive the traffic that converts and create loyal customers. 

Lower Cost per Action (CPA)
Is your campaign generating sales but is unprofitable? Our audit helps identify ways to reduce your CPA via account, campaign, ad, landing page and keyword improvements.

Improve Click-Through Rate (CTR)
To increase your CTR, we refine your account structure, keywords and ads to focus on your target audience, which improves the performance of your campaign.

Reduce Cost-per-Click (CPC)
We help you achieve a more effective campaign by improving your keyword strategy, bidding strategy, ad relevancy and overall quality score.

A proven partner trusted by the biggest names in the industry:

What’s Involved in Our PPC Account Audit?

During our free PPC audit, Straight North reviews a wide array of items that may be negatively impacting the performance of your PPC campaign. We evaluate each level of your campaign:

Account: Adequate initial spend, proper campaign/ad group structure, conversion tracking and UTM tagging.

Campaign: Campaign structure and ad assets (sitelinks, callouts, call, structured snippets, etc.) as well as remarketing list and customer match audiences.

Ads: Ad group level ad text customization, responsive search ads, ad strength and clear call to action.

Keywords: Adequate keyword depth, smart bidding, quality score, not dependent on broad match, testing broad match in controlled fashion, utilizing multiple match types and frequent negative keywork management.

Landing Page: Messaging consistent with keywords and ads, offer/call to action, prominent phone number placement, prominent form/button placement, mobile-friendly and modern design.

Let Straight North Perform Your PPC Campaign Audit

We are among the best PPC companies around. Whether you’re currently running a PPC campaign and wondering why it isn’t paying off for you, or you’re interested in starting a new campaign, you won’t find a better PPC management company than Straight North.

Our free audit details the factors that may be reducing the effectiveness of your current PPC campaign. During the audit, our PPC experts research and review your account settings, campaign structure, ad group structure, keywords, ads, destination pages and conversion tracking. Your audit results allow us to recommend specific adjustments to your campaign that will improve your PPC results.

Talk to Straight North today about how our experts will improve your campaign’s results through our monthly PPC management service. And improved results mean more sales leads and increased ecommerce revenue!

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