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Microsoft Advertising services help get your business in front of nearly one billion users. Drive relevant traffic to your website that converts into new customers and grows your business.

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Straight North Is a Microsoft Ads Agency

Search ads placed via Microsoft Advertising (formerly Bing Ads) appear on Bing, MSN, Yahoo and AOL as well as several other partner sites. More than 724 million people use the Microsoft Search Network each month. The Microsoft Advertising Network has an additional reach of nearly 300 million users across a number of premium websites.

With Microsoft Advertising, the competition for eyeballs is less, the cost of advertising is lower and the odds of getting a top spot are greater. Plus, Microsoft’s audience has an older demographic with higher income levels, making it ideal for campaigns targeting that audience.

Microsoft Ads Benefits

Engaging in Microsoft ads management services provides many benefits.

Immediate Results

After launching your campaign, you start reaching new customers right away, and you’re connecting with people when they’re ready to buy.

Increase Leads & Revenue

Microsoft ads help businesses find and convert customers for less. Get high-quality leads and increase revenue at a lower cost per click.

AI-Assisted Bidding

We utilize Skai’s intelligent marketing platform. Skai’s smart bidding combines rules and machine learning to help you beat the competition.

Measurable ROI

Advanced conversion tracking and other detailed campaign metrics allow you to accurately measure your return on investment.

Less Competition

The smaller size of the Microsoft audience compared to Google means less competition for placement, fewer advertisers driving up the cost of ads and lower cost per click.

Heighten Brand Visibility

Get your brand in front of millions of potential customers who visit sites in Microsoft’s network on a daily basis, which results in more leads and revenue.

A proven partner trusted by the biggest names in the industry:

Our Process

The goal of PPC marketing is to enhance the value of your website by driving targeted paid advertising traffic that converts leads into sales. Straight North, a leading Microsoft ads management company, has a well-established procedure for running Microsoft Advertising campaigns. After learning about your business, objectives and budget, we create an account strategy and structure. We conduct keyword research and select those best suited to your campaign. A member of our copywriting team creates effective ad (and possibly landing page) content while a designer crafts an attractive layout.  

Under the direction of a knowledgeable and skilled account manager, our experienced PPC specialists utilize smart-bidding, budget-pacing and forecasting tools to optimize for conversions within your budget. We review search queries to adjust keywords and add negative keywords as applicable. As the campaign proceeds, we monitor your spending patterns compared with your competitors to ensure that we’re in the right ballpark. Then we track and measure your ad campaign performance and give you access to our reporting dashboard so you can monitor the results for yourself.

Partner with an Effective Microsoft Ads Agency

With decades of experience in digital marketing, Straight North understands the nuances of Microsoft Advertising campaigns. Our expertise in SEO, paid advertising, web design / development and creative services means that we have professionals on staff to build Microsoft [Add Advertising? Ads?] search, shopping and display campaigns on a foundation of best practices.

We understand how to leverage the power of the Microsoft audience to generate conversions that drive increased revenue. Your attractive, engaging and informative Microsoft ads campaign will appear to a precisely targeted audience across the Microsoft Search and Audience Networks. Let us show you how to use Microsoft Advertising to get more bang for your buck!

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