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Increase your online following, brand awareness, sales lead generation and ecommerce revenue with a Facebook ad campaign that connects you to new audiences and existing customers.

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Facebook Ad Management Services

Advertising on Facebook helps you reach nearly three billion people who use this social media platform every month. You can target ads to users by demographics (e.g., age and gender), location and other criteria such as job title, interests and shopping behavior. After your ads are created, you set a budget and bid for the clicks or impressions your ads will receive.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to access users of the largest social media network! The benefits of Facebook ads include competitive cost-per-click rates, the ability to narrowly target your desired audience, a low average cost per action, the ability to drive traffic to your website and the opportunity to use remarketing ads to reconnect with your website visitors.

Facebook Advertising Company Helps You Succeed

Advertising on Facebook offers a wide range of benefits to your business.

Drive Conversions

Straight North will help you create an advertising campaign that drives traffic to your website, funnels prospects through to conversion, and generates leads and revenue.

Quick Results

Facebook ad campaigns deliver fast results and performance metrics, which allow you to continually improve your campaign to generate more revenue.

Maximize Brand Visibility

Facebook ads increase brand awareness and recognition by presenting your ad to as many people in your target audience as possible.

User Targeting

Advanced targeting options help you increase conversions and decrease costs. Depending on your goals, you can target a large, broad audience or a narrow, specific one.

Massive User Base

Running ads on Facebook gives you access to a huge online community of nearly three billion users and allows you to target your specific audience.

Measurable Results

Get detailed information about how many Facebook users see your ads, click on your ads and convert on your website into leads and revenue.

A proven partner trusted by the biggest names in the industry:

How Our Facebook Ads Service Works

Guided by an experienced account manager, our paid advertising team conducts research to learn about your business as well as your advertising goals and budget. We create a strategy that includes the campaign structure, the prioritization of each campaign and which campaigns will be prioritized for launch.

Once the strategy is finalized, Straight North creates the ad content and builds the campaign in Facebook Ads. As results come in, we pause underperforming areas and recommend expanding successful ones. We continually make improvements to your campaign, including adjusting strategy, targeting, ads and budget to maximize your results.

Leading Facebook Advertising Company

Straight North provides results-driven Facebook advertising management services that help your company leverage the potential that Facebook offers. Our talented professionals have the experience and capabilities to do everything you need ­— from strategy and ad creation to the launch and optimization of your ad campaign.

We customize your Facebook ad campaign to ensure that it speaks to your audience about your brand and generates the clicks needed to drive traffic and conversions. Look no further than Straight North for Facebook ads campaign management. Our company will build and manage the campaign that exactly meets your needs and budget.

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