High-Value Content Multiplies SEO Results

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Almost every smart SEO campaign puts a lot of effort into building high-quality backlinks.

It’s hard work.

These days, the lion’s share of backlinks comes from publishing off-site content. To obtain such a link, the agency has to identify high-authority, relevant publishers and get them interested in publishing the client’s content. This process can chew up hours — to say nothing of the time needed to create the content in the first place.

The job is hardest when the agency gets content published on a one-off basis — in other words, when one piece of content is created for each off-site publisher. Using this procedure, building 100 links requires 100 pieces of original content. No matter how you slice it, this adds up to a hefty price tag for the SEO customer.

What if the agency could build 100 links — or 200 or 300 — with one piece of content?

It can be done when a client has high-value content for the SEO agency to market. High-value content is content that publishers in a company’s niche are eager to publish because it has a unique and useful insight on a very important issue.

Examples of high-value content:

  • An infographic or slide presentation clearly explaining a complex issue or process relevant in the client’s niche.
  • An article detailing a client’s independent research on an issue relevant in the niche.
  • An online tool useful to businesses or individuals in a niche, along the lines of a mortgage interest calculator.

High-value content is published on the client website, enabling the agency to ask publishers to link to it or to embed it on their websites. Since the content is extremely valuable, publishers are very willing to do so, because making the content available to their audience makes their websites all the more valuable. The process brings enormous efficiency to professional link-building campaigns.

Our SEO strategy team works with clients very closely to pinpoint the most attractive topics for high-value content, and then takes client input to create the content asset. The results have been terrific.

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