Don’t Be An SEO Hog

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The elements of a successful SEO campaign should resemble a gourmet meal, not an all-you-can-eat buffet.

Unfortunately, many SEO campaigns pile on activity like ham on a mile-high sandwich, building an expensive, indigestible mountain of work that produces far more heartburn than sales leads. Here’s a little food for thought, a few examples of how quality beats quantity in SEO campaigns.

  • Focusing on the number of backlinks rather than the quality of backlinks produces mediocre results, and can even hurt organic visibility. Google wants to see backlinks from relevant, high-authority websites, not a smorgasbord of slop.

  • Stacking keywords like a tower of Belgian waffles is far less healthy for SEO than concentrating on a manageable and affordable set of highly converting and winnable keywords. Some of our most successful campaigns have been built on relentless pursuit of a small plate of keywords. But to do this, you have to be like a great chef and know all the ingredients of a gourmet keyword.

  • Churning out SEO content like butter merely clogs the arteries of an SEO campaign. As with backlinks, Google is more interested in a healthy dose of quality than a heaping helping of nonsensical, keyword-stuffed blog posts and web pages. In fact, one of the most successful SEO tactics going involves creating ultra-high-quality “content assets” that can be promoted to numerous off-site publishers (we will be coming back to this topic in the future).

Doing a lot of stuff gives clients the illusion their SEO campaign is accomplishing something. But as these examples illustrate, more is not necessarily better. As in many business undertakings, the biggest challenge is often not figuring out what to do, but instead figuring out what not to do.

Concerned that your current SEO needs to go on a diet? Please contact us — we know the ingredients of a satisfying campaign.

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