The 7 Major Myths Of SEO In 2017

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If a company launches an SEO campaign with the wrong expectations, failure is inevitable. This is why it’s so important to know what SEO isn’t. Here are the most common SEO myths and misconceptions.

  • SEO Myth. Rankings are everything.
  • SEO Reality. Rankings vary from user to user, making them a poor gauge of success.
  • SEO Myth. SEO delivers new business.
  • SEO Reality. Only true for e-commerce companies. SEO delivers new sales leads in lead generation campaigns.
  • SEO Myth. All it takes to succeed is getting a lot of links.
  • SEO Reality. Backlinks are important, but many other things have to happen for a campaign to succeed.
  • SEO Myth. More website traffic equals a successful campaign.
  • SEO Reality. More qualified traffic equals a successful campaign — and then only if it converts.
  • SEO Myth. SEO is a magic bullet.
  • SEO Reality. Successful SEO takes patience. Google wants to see a sustained effort.
  • SEO Myth. SEO is a shady practice.
  • SEO Reality. SEO is totally ethical when the agency follows SEO best practices.
  • SEO Myth. SEO is dead.
  • SEO Reality. SEO continues to be the bedrock of Internet marketing, and shows no signs of crumbling. It may not be appropriate for some companies, but for most it is a rich source of new leads and online revenue.

Whether you’ve had bad experiences with SEO or are interested in exploring it for the first time, please contact us to get a clear and accurate picture of the possibilities for your business.

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