Graphic Design Pricing

Most of our creative work is unique in scope and therefore our graphic design prices are determined on a project-by-project basis. While we have developed some graphic design cost guidelines, each project’s final price is based on its individual requirements.

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Graphic Design Services Pricing

A number of factors determine your graphic design services cost. These include the creative time to write, design and develop the deliverable(s); the extent of client-directed edits (we usually factor in two rounds, but how simple or complex the assignment is determines the rounds of edits required); printing costs, if applicable; and image costs, if applicable.

Straight North has created the following general pricing for graphic design work:

Collateral Brochure Projects. We charge around $1,000 per page. Thus, your price for an 8-page brochure will likely be approximately $8,000 to $10,000, including content and design.

Logo Projects. Based on its requirements, a logo design price can range from $5,000 to well over $30,000. The cost will likely be lower if we are not starting from scratch, but simply updating typography or colors, or refining an existing logo.

Photography. Prices are quoted separately for custom vs. stock imagery. Stock imagery is usually included in the design fee. Custom imagery and photography can run from $300 to several thousand dollars depending on the scope.

A few of the brands that trust their image to the team at Straight North:

  • ALA Logo
  • Amdocs Logo
  • Clover Logo
  • BCI Acrylic Logo
  • ProStockHockey Logo
  • The Joint commission Logo

Managing Your Graphic Design Services and Prices

You can successfully manage your graphic design costs. Pre-project preparation helps us achieve your design ideals faster and brings your project concepts to life in a timelier manner. Fewer revisions means fewer rounds of rethinking and editing, and that translates into cost savings.

For sales collateral, be prepared to discuss your vision for the final product, key messaging points, your target audience and what sets you apart from your competitors. This helps us hit the right textual and visual content notes early in the process.

A brand standards guide helps us understand how to present your brand consistently across your website, business forms, letterhead, business cards and more. Design work proceeds faster when we know your colors, fonts and other branding essentials ahead of time.

Your Single Source for Creative Services

At Straight North, our in-house, highly specialized creative team produces a wide range of traditional marketing and communication materials that effectively promote what you sell. Our services include design, copywriting, photography and video, and print management for a wide range of projects, including logo and branding, product and services brochures, sales collateral, catalogs and publications, PowerPoint presentations, tradeshow graphics and many more.

The last thing you want is a hard-to-read brochure, a logo that is decades old and looks it, or a presentation that puts viewers to sleep. Our designers and copywriters know how to create products that pop while delivering the results you want. When you partner with Straight North, you get a product that truly reflects your brand, sets you apart from the competition, gets customers excited about your products or services, and persuades them to inquire and buy.

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