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We help our clients improve their branding, online and offline. Whether you want a slight modification or an entirely new logo, we’re the brand marketing agency you need. With a unique blend of creativity and expertise, our team develops iconic logos that properly represents your brand — without breaking the bank.

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A Minor Tweak or a Brand New Logo?

Some clients require only a facelift to an existing logo mark, e.g., if the original vertical orientation does not work well on a new website. Our brand development company can also provide options for a more contemporary solution for a logo with outdated colors and typography. These minor projects are cost-efficient and completed in a relatively short period of time. Ask to view our “before” and “after” samples to understand what a simplified legacy logo refinement project looks like. 

New businesses, new services or new product launches require deep creative efforts and imaginative thinking on the part of our designers to develop a unique and illustrative logo mark that suits your company and its place in the market. The process is a creative journey that includes the client’s preferences. Beginning with concept sketches, design refinement and color exploration, we whittle our way towards a design solution that perfectly suits your business. 

Change Is Good

There are many reasons to update your logo, but these are the most common.

New Direction

A company wants to change its image to reflect a significant shift in its messaging and direction, or the introduction of a new product line or service.


Your legacy brand has been around a long time, and you’ve made the decision to freshen its look before reintroducing the brand to the marketplace.

Keeping Current

Has your brand image kept up with the times? If not, then it’s time to get in sync with social media trends, consumer perceptions and new audiences.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Company mergers and acquisitions often require transitional or immediate blending of brands to represent and celebrate new sets of products and services.

Website Display

Logos may need to be adjusted to display better horizontally or vertically on a new website. Note: A new website is the ideal time to introduce an updated logo.

A New Audience

Changing your target audience may require that you replace your legacy image with a new logo to improve clarity and better represent today’s core business.

A few of the brands that trust their image to the team at Straight North:

  • ALA Logo
  • Amdocs Logo
  • Clover Logo
  • BCI Acrylic Logo
  • ProStockHockey Logo
  • The Joint commission Logo

Don’t Underestimate the Value of a Brand Standards Guide

At its most basic, a brand standards guide is an instructional manual for the correct (and incorrect) usage of your logo. Brand guidelines, created by a professional brand development agency for your internal team as well as external partners, lay out the proper ways to use your logo to achieve absolute consistency. 

Straight North’s basic standards guide layout typically consists of 12 pages that detail the proper use of your logo and its fonts and colors, and how to present it in photos and other considerations. The guidelines are developed to ensure correct brand display, and they may grow over time.  

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Not to Brag, but We’re Good at What We Do.

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Our Proven Logo Creation Process

Logo design services are a mixture of art and science. Here’s how we go about logo design and development at our branding design agency.

Incorporating Your New Logo into Collateral Materials

Now that you have a new logo that truly reflects your brand today, the next step is updating your full library of sales and marketing materials. You’ll want to proudly showcase the new image by incorporating it into every prospect-facing marketing and sales collateral piece. The talented creative services group at our digital branding agency is happy to help you accomplish this all-important task!

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