Video Capture, Animation & Production

From quick attention-grabbers to expanded storytelling, video animation provides effective and easy-to-digest messaging.

Our Production Process

1. Kickoff

Discovery meeting with client to understand goals, key elements, messaging, and platform usage.

2. Concepting

Internal brainstorming meeting between the Straight North creative, editorial and production teams.

3. Scripting

Development and refinement by Straight North; review and approval by client.

4. Storyboarding

Main scene sketches detailing the design style, flow and animation directions.

5. Production

Video capture, stock imagery and sound resource selections, voice-over recordings, digital production assembly, edits, draft preparation for client review.

6. Review

Draft review with client; feedback, production and revisions until approved. Final files saved and prepared for platform posting.

Common Video Themes

  • Product showcase
  • Services highlight
  • Sales promotion
  • Facility tour
  • Social media engagement
  • Testimonials
  • Interview
  • Website enhancements
  • Tutorial

A few clients who have taken advantage of our video services:

  • BCI Acrylic Logo
  • ProStockHockey Logo
  • The Joint commission Logo

Styles & Features

Animated Shorts
Focused messaging, impactful, timely
Animated solution built using a mix of existing (or stock) imagery, messaging, brand elements, background sounds and a clear call-to-action. Perfect for a variety of marketing, social media and website uses.

Length: Less than 30 seconds
Estimate average: $800 to $2,500

Descriptive Compilations
Medium complexity, more creativity
Custom-length solution based on information relevant to convey an idea or message. Typically for longer shelf-life usage.

Animated and often built by combining stills with video and scripted voice-over messaging. Useful for online marketing, social media, training, website and tradeshow support.

Length: Less than four minutes
Estimate average: $2,500 to $5,000+ (custom video capture additional)

Project Variables

Video, animation and production costs vary based on requirements. Each project begins with a discovery meeting to understand the deliverables, goals and budget. Following, we prepare a detailed estimate that includes our time, expenses and timeline.

Typical cost variables can include:

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