Build SEO And Engagement With These 15 B2B Blog Post Themes

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For B2Bs, a company blog is an excellent way to enhance SEO and cultivate an engaged customer base. The eternal challenge: coming up with relevant, interesting topics. Here are 15 themes illustrated with a single industry, which should be helpful in developing ideas relevant to your business.

1. Analysis: Broad Economic Recovery, Not Lower Prices, Explains Rising Forklift Sales

2. Announce or Update a Promotion: $500 Off All ABC Forklift Truck Purchases This Month

3. Case Study: How BIG Logistics Corp. Reduced Energy Consumption With Our ABC Forklift Trucks

4. Describe Services: How Our New Forklift Leasing Program Works

5. Feature a Product: New ABC Forklift Truck Has Breakthrough Energy-Saving Technology

6. Interview a Customer: Forks, Inc. Talks to John Smith, Warehouse Manager of BIG Logistics Corp.

7. Interview an Employee: Forks, Inc. Talks to Karen Gray, Our Customer Service Manager

8. Interview a Supplier: Forks, Inc. Talks to Jane Smith, Director of Manufacturing, Quality Forklifts, Inc.

9. Opinion: Forklift Industry Leasing Programs Are Too Complex

10. Recommend Reading: Good to Great Is a Must Read for Operations Managers

11. Report Facts: Industrywide Sales of New Forklifts Increase 4% in Q309

12. Share Internal Issues: Should We Offer 24-Hour Online Chat — The Debate Goes On

13. Showcase a Customer: How BIG Logistics Corp. Takes Link After Link Out of the Supply Chain

14. Solicit New Ideas: How Can We Improve Our Forklift Leasing Program?

15. Spark Conversation: Share Your Forklift Horror Stories

If you are on a once-a-month publishing calendar, these 15 ideas will keep you going for more than a year — We hope this helps!

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