Are You Sitting On A Pot Of SEO Gold?

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Many companies have the secret ingredients to a successful SEO campaign right under their noses, but they don’t realize it. What I’m talking about may sound a bit mysterious, but it’s really simple: valuable intellectual property.

How to Create Irresistible SEO Content for Link Building, Traffic and Leads

Any good SEO will tell you that great content is the key to successful SEO. Great content does three massively important things:

  • It creates interest from relevant off-site websites and blogs, paving the way to off-site articles that build terrific links and send qualified traffic to your website.
  • Great on-site content attracts traffic, impresses visitors and generates leads.
  • Great on-site content impresses Google, improving organic visibility for not only the high-quality page(s) in question, but for your domain as a whole.

The challenge in accomplishing all of this is trying to figure out what dictates great content. Well, here is one of the greatest types of great content — inside information. No matter what industry you are in, people in that industry are hungry for credible insights and facts.

Information based on a company’s own business activity is as credible as information gets. In your organization, what information do you have that would be of interest to other people in your business? For instance, do you have things such as …

  • Test data comparing several competitive products in your niche or a related one?
  • Statistics on sales performance — average selling cycle, close rates, etc.?
  • Detailed case studies with comparative KPI data from the customers?
  • Examples of successful and highly imaginative closing techniques or product applications?
  • Insights about how your company exceeds the industry average for financial management, logistics, revenue growth, etc.?

Above are topics people in your industry and potential customers are interested in learning about. Below are the two obstacles most companies face to actually publishing them.

1. Poor internal communication. Companies don’t always realize it when something brilliant happens: A sales rep makes an absolutely brilliant sale, but top leadership never hears the details; the lab produces analyses of competitive products that, while groundbreaking, never get the internal credit they deserve. Et cetera.

2. Fear of divulging company secrets. While the first obstacle can be overcome by making someone responsible for collecting the needed information, this second issue is not so easily overcome. Deciding what information is “safe” to publish is a matter that must be carefully considered. However, a company can err by being too secretive as well as by being too open. Reasons to consider a more open stance on information sharing:

  1. Competitors are too wrapped up in their internal challenges and plans to be sidetracked by what you are doing.

  2. You may be so far ahead of your competition in the given area that your competitors couldn’t catch you, even if they wanted.

  3. The value of the content in terms of branding, thought leadership and SEO, and the ensuing lead generation, far outweighs the risk.

Put Together a Winning SEO Campaign

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